Yesterday morning I heard a very big bang. It sounded like an explosion. The article here on the La Voz de Almería site explains what it was likely to have been caused by.

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A loud noise shakes doors and windows throughout Poniente Almeria

Residents of El Ejido, Vícar, Berja and Dalías heard something like an “explosion” this morning

A noise has surprised the residents of several municipalities of Poniente Almeria after 11:00 this Wednesday morning. The loud noise, which many people liken to the sound of "a big explosion", has shaken doors and windows in places like El Ejido, Las Norias, Matagorda, Vícar, El Parador, Dalías, Berja or Roquetas, according to comments made by residents. of these localities began to leave on social networks.

"The glass and windows of my whole house moved," wrote a neighbor from Ejido. "In Berja it was heard like the sound of a blow, a dry and strong sound", detailed another inhabitant of a Poniente region from the Virginia town who had a great scare and in which numerous theories have begun to emerge about what had happened. caused this noise.

Some people took advantage of the situation of uncertainty on social networks, more specifically in groups related to news from El Ejido, to quote Vladimir Putin and even the odd user has blamed his own partner for the noise, "by slamming the car door" . There were also those who think that it is something related to a meteorite. However, the most credible version, in the absence of official confirmation, would be the passage of two fighter planes through the area that, apparently, would have broken the sound barrier during their flight through the sky of Poniente Almería.

Coincidentally, the International Air Festival will take place in the Granada town of Motril on June 19, so it could be some kind of rehearsal maneuver related to this event.