Almerimar Sports Complex

The article here on the La Voz de Almería website has information about the sports complex to be built in Almerimar. With another complex also being built in El Ejido North.

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El Ejido approves the construction of two new sports facilities

A complex will be built in Almerimar and a pavilion in Ejido Norte with the support of the Provincial Council

In the plenary session of the El Ejido City Council held today, the agreement for the financing, contracting and execution of works for a Sports Complex in Almerimar and a Pavilion in Ejido Norte was approved. Two infrastructures that would be added to those already existing in El Ejido, such as those of Balerma, Las Norias, Santa María del Águila and San Agustín aimed at practicing sports and providing a response to the municipal clubs and the Municipal Sports Schools. And it is that, as reflected in the IMD, the use of sports facilities in El Ejido has increased with an average weekly use of 15,000 hours.

The objective of this agreement is to respond to the population growth that both areas have experienced in recent years, both Almerimar and Ejido Norte, which highlights the need to have these facilities that allow users to practice sports in their areas of residence, avoiding displacement.

Both projects have a budget of 10 million euros, so today it has been approved that the Consistory of Ejido will consign a budget item while 2.5 million euros will be contributed by the Provincial Institution.

The mayor, Francisco Góngora, has detailed that through this agreement 10 million euros will be allocated to the construction in Ejido Norte of a pavilion with sports halls, track and stands, and a Complex in Almerimar with a soccer field, pavilion, activity rooms , gym, tennis and paddle tennis courts and other facilities for the use and enjoyment of residents and tourists”.

For his part, the Vice President of the Provincial Council, Ángel Escobar, highlighted that one of the main lines of action of the Provincial Institution consists of “helping to develop sports infrastructure actions in the municipalities of the province, as is the case of El Ejido with a collaboration agreement for which it will contribute 2.5 million euros”.

As for the Almerimar Sports Complex, it can be used for the training and competition of federative sports at all levels, and in Ejido Norte a Sports and Multiple Use Center will be set up in order to continue promoting the philosophy maintained by the Municipal Institute of Sports of the City Council of El Ejido based on a model that combines two fundamental elements such as health and sports.