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The article here on the La Voz de Almería site has details of 15 hotels up for sale in the province of Almería. The most costly one is in Almerimar.

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These are the 15 hotels for sale in Almería starting at 169,000 euros

The supply of establishments doubles in one year in the province, according to an idealista report

Almería is among the three Spanish provinces where hotel sales have increased the most in the last year, according to an idealista report. Based on your data, there are 15 hotel buildings put up for sale in the province through this portal, more than double those of the previous year, since they have increased by 114%.

Only in Cuenca, where the sale of hotels has increased by 150%, and Córdoba, with 117% more, have they seen a further increase in supply in just one year, although in both provinces they have fewer establishments for sale (10 in the case Cuenca and 14 in Córdoba).

In Spain, the number of establishments with a hotel license for sale has grown by 5% in the last year, reaching 838, according to data from the real estate portal. Andalusia, Catalonia and the Valencian Community concentrate practically half of the available offer, while in the aforementioned provinces of Cuenca, Córdoba or Almería the stock of hotels on the market has doubled.

The portal points out the return to normality and the strength with which tourism is returning as the circumstances that would have encouraged hotel owners to bring their products to the market, in search of new owners who can make their establishments profitable.

More in Andalusia

Although the hotel establishments are distributed practically throughout all the communities, Andalusia, Catalonia and the Valencian Community concentrate practically half of the offer on the market: in Andalusia there are 178 hotels for sale, in Catalonia 134 and in the Valencian Community they reach 90.

Girona is the province that currently accumulates the largest number of hotels for sale, with 68. It is followed by the Balearic Islands and Malaga (64 in both cases), Alicante (51), Barcelona (49) and Granada (41). On the contrary, in Álava there is currently no hotel establishment on the market.

The provinces that have registered the greatest reductions are Navarra (-60%), Segovia (-27%) and Zamora (-25%).

The most expensive, for 6.3 million

The hotels put up for sale in Almería through idealista can be purchased from 169,000 euros for the cheapest to 6.3 million for the most expensive. The latter is located on Avenida de Almerimar in El Ejido, and is a five-storey building with 82 tourist apartments, a swimming pool and a paddle tennis court, among other services.

Continuing with a price from highest to lowest, we find three establishments in Mojácar. For 3,600,000 euros, a tourist apartment complex is offered in Pueblo Indalo with almost 3,500 square meters built.

For 2.5 million euros there are two offers in the same location. The first hotel is located on Avenida Encamp in Mojácar Pueblo, with a constructed area of ​​10,218 square meters, 10 floors and 147 rooms.

The second, for the same price (2.5 million) is on Calle Picasso in Mojácar Playa. It is a five-storey building with a constructed area of ​​3,773 square metres.

For 1.2 million euros you can buy a "spectacular hotel" located in San Juan de los Terreros with 769 square meters, 19 rooms, a restaurant, terraces and a swimming pool.

Still over a million, for 1.1 million euros a restaurant complex is for sale in Huércal-Overa with a bar-restaurant, party room, terrace and eight rooms.

Less than a million

The rest of the offers in the province are already less than one million euros, although the hotel located on Calle Real de Antas is very close (950,000 euros). It has 1,826 meters built on a 9,900-meter plot, with a nightclub, an 8,000-meter garden and a 440-meter pool.

For almost half of this money, 490,000 euros, you can also buy a functioning hotel building with four floors and 14 rooms on Calle Pescadores de Carboneras.

Only 5,000 euros less, 485,000 euros, costs an establishment of 563 meters, with a restaurant and 9 rooms on Calle de La Esperanza de Villaricos.

For sale at 475,000 euros is a four-storey hotel with 540 square meters located on Calle Juan de Austria in Aguadulce.

In the same street and for the same price another hotel of 300 meters and 21 rooms is also for sale.

Olula, Laujar, Tabernas and Los Gallardos

In Olula del Río, another hotel with a restaurant is being sold for 440,000 euros, the well-known Casa Pedro hostel, on Avenida de la Legión Española, with 14 rooms.

In Laujar de Andarax, a hotel of 820 meters built and 16 rooms is offered for 400,000 euros.

In the Paraje La Molina de Tabernas you can buy an establishment with two floors and 22 rooms for 210,000 euros.

The cheapest of all the hotels for sale in the province is located on Calle Mayor de Los Gallardos. It is a two-storey building, 200 meters built, with a restaurant and eight parking spaces put up for sale for 169,000 euros.