Looks like the next step in the approval process for the development of a sports facility in Almerimar is supposed to happen tomorrow. According to the article here on the Almería 360 site.

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El Ejido agrees to build a sports complex in Almerimar and a pavilion in Ejido Norte

The municipality of El Ejido will expand its sports infrastructure with the construction of a sports complex in Almerimar and a pavilion in northern Ejido. Two new installations that will be carried out thanks to the institutional collaboration between the City Council of El Ejido and the Provincial Council to which the municipal council has already given the green light and that will be raised to the plenary session of the Provincial Institution next Thursday, July 28.

The objective of this agreement is to respond to the population growth that both areas have experienced in recent years, both Almerimar and Ejido Norte, which highlights the need to have these facilities that allow users to practice sports in their areas of residence, avoiding displacement.

Both projects have a budget of 10 million euros, so that the Ejido Town Hall will allocate a large part of the Budget, while 2.5 million euros will be contributed by the Provincial Council to meet the objective of improving the conditions and quality of life of all the ejidenses.

The mayor, Francisco Góngora, has detailed that through this agreement 10 million euros will be allocated to the construction in Ejido Norte of a pavilion with sports halls, track and stands, and a complex in Almerimar with a soccer field, pavilion, activity rooms , gym, tennis and paddle tennis courts and other facilities for the use and enjoyment of residents and tourists”.

As for the Almerimar sports complex, it can be used for the training and competition of federative sports at all levels, and in Ejido Norte a multipurpose sports center is set up.