The article here on the Ideal site has details of the building licence being granted for the new senior school in Almerimar.

The map above is my attempt to highlight the approximate location of the new school. It seems it is at the far end of the lakes area. Based on information in the article.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

The City Council approves the building license for the construction of the new IES of Almerimar

The new center will be built on a plot of 13,200 square meters ceded by the City Council in Ensenada de San Miguel

The Governing Board of the City Council of El Ejido approved in its last meeting the building permit for the basic project of the new Secondary Education Institute (IES) of Almerimar, a necessary step for the new center, highly demanded, to be in the near future a reality. Now the execution project and the tender will be pending to start the work, which has an overall budget slightly higher than six million euros.

The new center will be built on a 13,200-square-meter plot ceded by the City Council in Ensenada de San Miguel, at the confluence of Avenida de la Sal and Calle Mar Azul.

It will be a center with four lines in Secondary and 2 in Baccalaureate, which will meet the demand for existing public education places in the area and will have capacity for 620 students.

Thus, the project includes the construction of a teaching area, administration area, common services and outdoor spaces. The Secondary section, with capacity for 480 students, will have 16 multipurpose classrooms; two music, drama and audiovisual classrooms; a plastic and audiovisual education classroom; a workshop classroom, two unfolding classrooms and two pedagogical support and reinforcement classrooms.

The Baccalaureate area will have four multi-purpose classrooms with a capacity for 140 students, a drawing classroom, an unfolding classroom and another for pedagogical support and reinforcement. It will also have three laboratories, which it will share with ESO, and an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) classroom.

Likewise, the center will have a library, a gym with changing rooms and toilets, a covered porch, two sports courts, a games area, a vegetable garden, a parking area for teachers, a garden area and a space reserved for future expansions.