The 7th pilgrimage from Guardias Viejas to Almerimar - 20 August 2022

The article here on the ALmería 360 site has details of the pilgimage from Guardias Viejas to Almerimar that is taking place on Saturday 20 August 2022.

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The seventh Pilgrimage Rociera de Guardias Viejas is presented to Almerimar

The VII Pilgrimage-Coexistence to venerate the Virgen del Rocío will be held on August 20, with numerous horseback riders, carriages, carts and pilgrims who will travel the road between Guardias Viejas and Almerimar.

A rociera mass, officiated at the Iglesia de Santiago Apóstol de Guardias Viejas, will begin the Pilgrimage, after which the participants will begin the pilgrimage along the coast until they reach the Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia de Almerimar, making a few stops along the way. . The journey will continue by road to some land located on Calle Rosa de los Vientos and Avenida del Mar de Almerimar, where the coexistence will take place.

Among the participants there will be riders and Amazons, horses, harnesses, carts and pilgrims on foot, accompanied at all times by all-terrain vehicles of the type quads and 4 × 4 of the Local Police, Civil Protection and the organization itself, which will limit to the group of pilgrims, preventing anyone from leaving the marked route.

Some stops will be made along the way with the double purpose of keeping the group together and giving rest to pilgrims and animals. The Pilgrimage will be enlivened with the sound of flutes and rocieros drums.

The arrival at the church of the Sagrada Familia de Almerimar is scheduled for 9:30 p.m., where a floral offering will be made and then, on the esplanade next to the Puerto Vino beach bar, the Rocío coexistence will be held among all the attendees. A space that is going to be conditioned and parceled out in such a way that, on the one hand, the vehicles of the participants will be parked together with the trailers of the animals and, on the other hand, the rociera coexistence will be celebrated. At midnight the celebration will be interrupted to pray the Holy Rosary.