I have just been contacted by someone saying that Movistar (Telefonica) are installing fibre-optic internet in their house today. Also, there are more installations in other houses taking place later today. The installations are in one of the roads off Calle Alcor.

So it looks like Movistar are ahead of the consortium of other companies in progressing their installations.

I wonder when Jazztel, Orange and the others will be ready to start their installations. I know that Jazztel, Orange and the others are not yet ready to install in our block.

Summer buses 2016

Thanks to Gabriel from the tourist office for giving me a copies of these posters about summer buses services.

I think that today is an informal local "bank holiday". So that people can recover from the fiesta of San Isidro that has been taking place the last few days.

So do not be surprised if you see some local businesses not opening today.

The man from Movistar was back this morning to pick up the key to our comms rooms. I asked him how long it would take and he said he was not sure. He said that he would give me the key back when he had completed the work.

Still no sign of the staff putting in a similar distribution facility in the building for the other companies (Jazztel, Orange etc.).

It looks like we are slowly inching forward to joining the 21st century.

Will the Roquestas flyover to Grand Plaza be completed before we get fibre-optic internet? The race is on.

Congratulations to El Ejido Football Club. Yesterday they drew 0-0 away against CD Laredo after winning the first leg 1-0 at home last weekend.

This means that they have won their play-offs and have now been promoted.

Painted pyramid -22 May 2016

Jacqui and I were out and about in town late this morning. We managed to take a few photos of bits and pieces of what is going on.

One picture we did not get was of the windows having been installed in the shop over the road from Mercadona. We were in the car and we had people behind us so we could not stop. I will take a picture of there another time.

The picture above is of the newly painted top of the pyramid.

Read More to see pictures of a few other changes we spotted on our journey around town.

For years the pyramid has looked a mucky colour. Particularly the top half of it. I think someone painted the bottom half some time ago.

Yesterday I saw a man on a cherry picker painting the top half of it. I was in a rush and did not get a chance to take a picture. I will take one and publish it here when I get a chance.

Since around 12:00 noon today a lot of places in Almerimar seem to have lost access to the internet. I have heard of a number of reports of continuing problems.

Luckily for us so far we have not had a problem today. So I guess it may be restricted to people "down the hill".

Over the last few days one of our readers spotted some guys doing some work in the street somewhere near the D'Bar. Today I was walking past Mercadona and I spotted guys pulling cable over the road in the pavement outside Porto Fino. I asked them about it and they said it was preparation work for the installation of fibre-optic cable in Almerimar.

It was around 1 March 2016 that it was first announced that we would be getting the option of faster internet. At that time it was suggested that it might be ready for people in apartment blocks to order the service in around 2-3 months. That would make it available to purchase around May or June. So not long now all being well.