Over the last few days one of our readers spotted some guys doing some work in the street somewhere near the D'Bar. Today I was walking past Mercadona and I spotted guys pulling cable over the road in the pavement outside Porto Fino. I asked them about it and they said it was preparation work for the installation of fibre-optic cable in Almerimar.

It was around 1 March 2016 that it was first announced that we would be getting the option of faster internet. At that time it was suggested that it might be ready for people in apartment blocks to order the service in around 2-3 months. That would make it available to purchase around May or June. So not long now all being well.

Today I received a letter from Endesa (our electricity company) about the installation of a smart electricity meter for us.

The letter says that the installation will take place some time this quarter (April-June 2016 I guess). It also says that there will be up to a 30 minute outage in electricity while the new meter is fitted.

After the meter has been installed we will get a letter giving us details of the final reading on the old meter.

The cost of the installation is covered by Endesa. After the new meter has been installed the cost per month for rental of the meter is 0.81 euros (excluding tax I guess).

The letter also says that once the new meter is installed all bills will be based on actual meter readings getting rid of the need for estimated readings for some periods.

No doubt others in town will receive similar letters or have already done so.

Just a quick warning. It appears that burglars are at work in Almerimar at the moment. I have heard of 2 houses being burgled recently.

I suggest people keep their eyes open for unusual behaviour, take down details and contact the police if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

The information I got yesterday about fibre-optic internet installation in our block was incorrect.

The people who visited Jacqui yesterday were a site assessment team from Movistar. They have now checked our block and said that the Movistar installation of fibre-optic internet to our block should take place in around 2 months.

So it looks like we will have two competing installations of fibre-optic internet to the block. One for Movistar and one for a consortium of other suppliers (Orange, Jazztel etc.).

So we still have a few more months of very very very slow internet to put up with.

As I have written earlier all being well we will have fibre-optic internet in Almerimar later this year.

Today I was in El Ejido so I popped in to the Orange shop to check whether they had any information about pricing. They gave me some information that I guess is based on what is being rolled out in El Ejido now.

For the first year the cost would be just over 37 euros a month. For subsequent years the cost would be just over 44 euros a month.

For this you get a fixed landline with free calls to fixed land lines in Spain. Plus 1000 minutes of calls a month to Spanish mobile phones on the evening during the week (8pm - 8am) and all the time at the weekends.

Plus an internet service with maximum speed of 50Mb/s in both directions. This is provided via a Livebox wi-fi router.

I believe they also do deals for combined packages including mobile phones as well.

Today I have found out that fibre-optic based internet should start rolling out in Almerimar in the next 2-3 months.

There is a company representing Jazztel and Orange contacting urbanisations in Almerimar looking to install fibre-optic cable later this year.

Given past experience of dates for things occurring here I will not be holding my breath. However it is good to hear that plans are starting to be put in place.

I was driving past Cajamar bank in Almerimar earlier today and noticed a skip outside Café-pub Bucanero. I was driving a little too quick to check whether it is the bar that is being worked on or whether it is another property close by.

I guess I will have to have a closer look next time I am in that part of town.

Plane photo

An elderly pilot who went missing on Monday appears to have crash landed in Almerimar. You can see more details here on the Think Spain website.

EL Ejido mayor on tv

I spotted the article here on Almería 360 after seeing a reference to it on the NO ERES DE ALMERIMAR SI NO.... Facebook page.

I remember that earlier in the year there was a Spanish tv drama series filmed in the area. There is now going to be a second series and the mayor of El Ejido is going to play a cameo part in it.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Tent in the square - 15 December 2015

I had to call in to see Sharon in Alcor Properties earlier today. It was the first time in a while I had been to that part of town and I spotted the tent above in "the square".

I have to admit that I do not know whether this is left over from the bank holiday period last week or whether it is being set up for Christmas, New Year and Kings Day.

One other thing I spotted when driving around was some building work going on over the road behind Mercadona. Some builders were either knocking down or building a wall in one of the empty shops just down from the driving school under Porto Fino. I did not get much chance to see what was going on. I guess I will have to take a longer look when I get the chance.