EL Ejido mayor on tv

I spotted the article here on Almería 360 after seeing a reference to it on the NO ERES DE ALMERIMAR SI NO.... Facebook page.

I remember that earlier in the year there was a Spanish tv drama series filmed in the area. There is now going to be a second series and the mayor of El Ejido is going to play a cameo part in it.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Tent in the square - 15 December 2015

I had to call in to see Sharon in Alcor Properties earlier today. It was the first time in a while I had been to that part of town and I spotted the tent above in "the square".

I have to admit that I do not know whether this is left over from the bank holiday period last week or whether it is being set up for Christmas, New Year and Kings Day.

One other thing I spotted when driving around was some building work going on over the road behind Mercadona. Some builders were either knocking down or building a wall in one of the empty shops just down from the driving school under Porto Fino. I did not get much chance to see what was going on. I guess I will have to take a longer look when I get the chance.

The new tourist office over the road from the golf clubhouse in Almerimar appears to be doing well.

Yesterday I had someone come to me to say how friendly and helpful the staff were when they went into the tourist office.

A couple of people have said that they have seen buses (normal ones, not school ones) going along Calle Alcor. Also, they have said that some concrete seats and bus signs appear to be ready to deploy on Calle Alcor.

So it seems that perhaps one or more of the local buses may be being diverted to go along Calle Alcor between D'Bar and Velas Blancas.

I have just checked the Situame app and nothing has changed on that. If I do hear of any official changes to the routes I will publish details here.

We have heard of ladies having their purses nicked in Mercadona again recently. Be careful and try not to get distracted by people dropping things on the floor in front of you or asking you questions.

Lola Gomez - Clisol, Almerimar

Those people who have taken a visit to the Clisol greenhouses just above Almerimar will know how passionate Lola Gomez is about the production of fruit and vegetables.

It is nice to see that she was recently presented with an award for all her hard work. The article here on the town hall website has the details.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

While we were off on a bodega trip the new tourist office was opened officially last Saturday (26 September 2015). There was also an international breakfast that took place to celebrate world toruism day.

There is a story about it here on the town hall website (with a video that does not work for me for some reason).

Read More for a Google translation of the story that goes with the window.

Almerimar dropped curbs

Over the last few months there has been a lot of work taking place on the zebra crossings in Almerimar. Slowly, over time, all of the zebra crossings are being changed so they have dropped curbs and lightly cobbled pavements. This will make it easier for people in wheelchairs and blind people to cross at the crossings. Well done to the council for doing this work.

Hopefully the next step after this if there is money available will be the re-paving of the parts of Almerimar where the pavement is really bad.


I was up in El Ejido earlier today buying some light bulbs and booking a meal for later the week. On the way back to Almerimar I spotted a couple of bits of ground clearance work. They have been going on for a while now. However I have not idea what is going to happen on the land.

The first is at the roundabout close to Lidl just over the other side of the motorway. There is a lot of clearance work taking place on the land between Lidl and the motorway.

The second area is close the the roundabout with the Almerimar sign on it at the top of the hill. As you are driving towards the Almerimar sign from El Ejido there is a lot of clearance work going on to the right of the roundabout. At the top of the cliff overlooking Almerimar.

In both cases there are diggers and trucks working away clearing big boulders and flattening the land.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

Earlier today representatives of the FGS committee met with Miguel, the golf hotel manager, who has recently taken on responsibility for managing the golf course. It was a very good meeting indeed.

You can see a bit more detail about this on the FGS website.

One other thing discussed briefly was the idea of news about the hotel being published on this site. Miguel is considering the idea of using this site as a way of providing information to people about things to do with the hotel. For example, it is likely that there will be a new restaurant opening in the hotel that may try to attract locals to use it as well as hotel guests.