It is a bit different here from when we used to live in London. Today there were two problems on the roads close to Almerimar.

The first one was on the dual carriageway coming down from the motorway. There was a traffic queue at one of the roundabouts because we had to wait for a herd of goats to go across the dual carriageway.

Then at the Velas Blancas roundabout the road down towards Mercadona was closed and you had to use Calle Alcor. It looked like this was because some gardeners were cutting the grass.

Just received this info from one of our readers Mary M.....

"Just a warning to everyone. The handbag dips are at work in Mercadona again. I got my purse taken put of my handbag by distraction technique in the basement carpark this morning.

Just hope I get all all the paperwork back as easily as the last person I heard of."

It is a local bank holiday in the area today. Nevertheless there were some people working on preparing the tourist office in Almerimar for opening.

I stopped and asked them how long until it opens and they said still a few weeks. I then suggested the beginning of August and they agreed with that estimate.

So it looks like the office will be open at some point this summer but not in time for the whole of the summer.

Further to the story here from last month.

In the last 4 days I have heard of two instances of cars with foreign registration plates being impounded in Almerimar

Just spotted a link from the Junta Local of Almerimar Facebook page to a video of Almerimar on the Ejido a debate page. You do not have to be on Facebook to view the page.

If you click on the link above you can then view the video from the Facebook page.

While walking back from town I bumped into Christine (or Christina?) G. She told me that she is now officially part of the Junta Local for Almerimar.

She said that she would be providing translations into English for stuff posted on the Junta Local for Almerimar Facebook page. This page can be viewed without being a member of Facebook. So if you want to know about stuff from our parish council keep an eye on this page.

It is likely that later this year, once summer is over, there will be some regular opportunities for people to speak to Christine in advance of local council meetings. So she can present issues raised by non-Spanish speaking residents/owners at the local council meetings.

Finally, Christine said that there is a really big calendar of events being prepared for this summer in Almerimar. Hopefully she will be providing us with full details soon.

Jogging routes in Almerimar

I spotted the sign above just over the road from Leo's earlier today. It looks like it is showing various jogging routes in Almerimar. Click on the photo to see a bigger version.

The article here on the town hall website has details of work taking place on the beaches in the area.

One thing mentioned in the article is that all of the showers and toilets etc. should be in place for the summer season by Friday 19 June 2015. So we have less than 2 weeks until summer season hits Almerimar.

The local elections were last Sunday (24 May 2015) and I forgot to post anything about the results. You can see the results here.

There were 25 seats up for grabs and the PP won 14 seats so have an overall majority. This means that Paco Góngora will continue to be the major of El Ejido.

I have just seen the following warning on the Almerimar Local Information page on Facebook......


*********** WARNING ****************

EVERYONE WHO DRIVES A NON SPANISH REGISTERED CAR THAT HAS BEEN IN THE COUNTRY FOR MORE THAN THE ALLOWED 6 MONTHS get it off the road and either start the matriculation or get it back to the country its registered in.

the police are at the moment handing out LARGE fines and impounding the vehicle until its matriculated you can NOT have the car returned until its registered spanish not even to load it on to a lorry and return it to its registered country !!!!!!

please share this with everyone, at least 3 cars have already been impounded in almerimar !!!!!"

 Poniente beach - 12 May 2015

While I was pottering around yesterday I noticed that there was work taking place on the poniente beach in Almerimar. This is in addition to the extensive work underway on the levante beach.

It looks to me that the sand being dredged from the marina is being shipped out from the poniente beach.

You can a few more photos in the Gallery.

Levante beach - 9 May 2015

Levante beach - 9 May 2015

Earlier today I was down by the El Espigon restaurant. I decided to have a walk along the promenade and check progress on the work on the Levante beach. There are a couple of photos above. You can see a lot more in the Gallery.