Golf Hotel Garden - May 2018

As you can see from the photo above there is some work going on in the garden of the golf hotel at the moment.

During the winter a lot of the Swedish golfers like to sit outside when they have a drink. In the past there were tables set up on the grass in the garden of the golf hotel close to the clubhouse. It looks like this area is now being paved while there are not many guests in the hotel.

I bumped into Christina G this morning who mentioned that people have been asking why the property tax paid to the local council is less this year.

The answer is that it is not less. It is just that the council is taking the payment by direct debit in two stages this year.

Please see the article here for a bit more detail.

Portugese Man O' War? - 29 Apr 18

One of our readers, Gary S, found the thing above on the beach near La Barbera recently. He said he thinks it might be a Portuguese Man O' War. He also said he thought they could still sting even when dead. If WIkipedia is correct this is the case as I found the following quote:

"Detached tentacles and dead specimens (including those that wash up on shore) can sting just as painfully as the live organism in the water and may remain potent for hours or even days after the death of the organism or the detachment of the tentacle."

I found the photo below of a live one from the National Geographic website. It looks similar. So in the words of Hill Street Blues "Let's be careful out there".

Portuguese Man O' War

I am not sure whether everyone in town is suffering from the same problem.....

For the last few weeks we seem to be having lots of short glitches in the electricity supply. Some are a few seconds long. Others are so short the clocks on the oven and microwave do not even reset themselves.

We have a combined light and fan in the living room. We leave this switched on at the light switch but switched off via a remote control. When the power glitches the light switches itself on. This is a bit on a nuisance, particularly at night.

Almerimar Sand 24 April 2018

sand 24 april 2018 2 20180424 1752293530

Almerimar sand 24 April 2018

Look at the sand in Almerimar. Sadly, I am not writing about the beaches.

The three photos above show sand in Almerimar in different ways.

The top two pictures were taken this morning. After rainstorms yesterday. As you can see, the rain was carrying a lot of sand. The colour of our terrace wall and the floor are normally pretty much the same.

The second photo shows how much sand landed on our car when we were driving it in a rainstorm yesterday afternoon.

The third picture was taken before the rain started last night. It shows how much sand has been put on the 5th green on the Master course after the green was hollow tined. My guess is that quite a bit of the sand on the green might have been washed away by the rain last night.

One other point to note is that the Master course is expected to open again on Monday 7 May 2018 all being well.

I understand that the Junta Local (like a parish council) for Almerimar is getting in touch with the presidents of all urbanisations in the area.

I believe that they are going to try to set up a meeting to discuss action to be taken to control the level of mossies in town. I guess this can only be good news about how best to deal with this issue.

grass in the square 28 march 2018

 Fosil - the square 28 march 2018

La Cala - the square 28 march 2018 

La Cala - the square 28 march 2018 2 20180329 1230110789

I had to pop down to see Sharon at Alcor Properties yesterday. While there I took a few pictures of changes in "The Square".

The grass is being reseeded, Fosil has a new outdoor space and La Cala is now open where La Gaviota used to be.

Council Letter March 18

Those people who pay their property tax to El Ejido council by direct debit will probably have received a letter similar to the one above recently.

I have OCRed the letter and put the results through Google translate.

Basically, it says that they will introduction the option to take their payments in 2 parts this year rather than as a single payment.

Read More for a Google translation of the letter.

Read more: Letter from the council about property tax - late March 2018

Out and about 11 & 12 February 2018

Last week I mentioned about taking some photos of some more lots of building work in town. So while on the course yesterday I took a few photos. Plus I took a couple more photos of things while wandering around town this morning.

The photo above is of the new houses being built at the far end of the Classic course, behind the SEK school.

Read More for some more photos and information.

Read more: Out and About in Almerimar - 11 & 12 February 2018

A Place In The Sun - Almerimar - C4 - 4 January 2018

I have just checked the A Place in the Sun website and the episode to be shown in the UK today covers Almerimar, Roquetas de Mar and Aguadulce. It will be on Channel 4 at 4pm UK time.

You can see more details about the episode here on the A Place In The Sun website.

Looking at the information on the website it looks like there are 3 properties in the Almerimar area, one in Roquetas and one in Aguadulce.

However two of the Almerimar area properties are said to be in El Ejido.I guess this is technically true as Almerimar is part of the local government region of El Ejido.

Property 1 is shown as in Almerimar and was viewed through Alcor Properties. I know that this one is in Porto Fino as Sharon told me.

Looking at the photos on the website property 3 is in Spirit Mar. I am not sure where property 4 is. Perhaps in the lakes area or somewhere along the poniente beach area? I guess people will find out when they watch the show.

IKARI, Almerimar
La Tavernetta, Almerimar
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