The article here on the Ideal website has details about the work underway to complete the storm drains in Almerimar.

My understanding is that the regional government (Junta de Andalucía) is responsible for work in the final 100 metres close to the sea. The completion of the work on the storm drains was delayed somewhat. The rest of the work in town has been completed already by the local town hall council.

At least we will now have some better drains in the centre of town to deal with any heavy downpours this coming winter.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Some time ago I had an email exchange with one of our readers, John H, about the Mercadona delivery service.

I understand that they deliver to all areas of Almerimar, including the lakes area.

Here is what John had to say about the service:

"You register on line, all in English, with your Spanish address and phone number. I used the 0044 code but then it didn't record the last numbers so I suggest you just put the std number with no codes and put it elsewhere in comments maybe. It's a bit fiddly as you can have separate lists but if you do it all in one go it's easy. Once the list is done, press complete. This takes you to a delivery menu. Choose your time (2hr slots) then go to pay. Select cash and the order is confirmed and an email is sent to you. Make sure you tick agree conditions box. Food was delivered to the door in an electric barrow on time and decent dates.

 7euro delivery charge,worth every penny."

New Velas Blancas Properties - Sept 17

Recently I spotted this advertising hoarding above at the roundabout near Mercadona.

I was chatting to a friend on Friday and she said that the new apartments in Velas Blancas are where the old restaurant used to be years ago.

It feels like there is a small property boom going on at the moment in Almerimar.

We have these new apartments in Velas Blancas. Plus there are a few other places in town where new property is being built (including near the cliff between Mirador del Golf and Altas Entinas). Plus the apartments on Darsena 2 in the centre of town are now up for sale.

I have been informed via a message from A Place In The Sun on Facebook that C4 will be starting to broadcast new episodes of A Place In The Sun again from Monday 11 September 2017.

I have had a look in the online schedule and the first episodes they are showing are ones where people are choosing between property in the UK and abroad. So still no sign of the episode that includes filming in Almerimar.

I will keep checking the online schedule and publish another article here once I know the date the episode will be broadcast.

For anyone else looking at the tv schedule - if you spot any episodes that cover Almería the people who filmed in Almerimar were a couple based in south London.

I have spotted that the most recent episode identified on the tv part of the A Place In The Sun website is from Friday 11 August. So the episodes showing this week are repeats.

I have been in contact with the people who manage the A Place In The Sun Facebook page and they have said the following:

"Yes our last episode was on Friday, we are hoping for new episodes in September but we will announce it once we have a confirmed date. Thanks"

So we know that the episode that includes Almerimar will not be aired until at least sometime in September.

As yet we still do not know when Almerimar will be on A Place In The Sun.

The province of Almería was covered on the show today. Also, Almería is on again next Friday (11 August 2017).

We are still waiting to see when the episode covering Almerimar will be shown. We will probably get around 1 week notice. WHen I know I will publish the date here.

Just spotted that the latest series of A Place In The Sun - Summer Sun has started on C4 yesterday. It looks like the new episodes are being shown each day at 4pm.

As yet I do not know when Almerimar will be featured. Once I do know I will publish the information here.

I have just been in contact with the Facebook page for A Place in the Sun.

The people who manage the page cannot yet say when the new series will be aired on Channel 4. What they did say is that filming has been underway since February this year. The filming of the episode for Almerimar took place in early June.

They also said that once the new season starts they will include a synopsis of each episode on the A Place in the Sun website.

I will provide another update here once the start date for the series has been announced.


Almerimar beaches open 2017

The article here on the Ideal site has details of the beaches now being officially open. They are open until 13 September 2017.

Also, according to the article, it looks like the council are now going to put a longer term plan in place for the opening of the beaches for the following 4 summers. Rather than just rushing to complete a separate plan each year.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

The article here on the Ideal has some details about a new school to be built in Almerimar. Apparently 355,000 euros is to spent in the initial phase of the project in 2017/2018. When eventually built the school will provide 450 school places. It looks like the new school will be built close to the existing state school in Almerimar that was built in 2013.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

One of our readers has been in touch and provided me with a link to the document here from the town hall that describes the beach services for 2016.

According to this document, last year the beaches were open from 17 June to 4 September. With lifeguards on duty from 11am until 8:30pm every day. Plus various services including analysis of the quality of the water, cleaning the beach etc.

The issue we have to consider is the balance of how much it costs to provide these services against how many people are using the beach when the services are in place.

It is the same argument that occurs in virtually every urbanisation in Almerimar about the opening period for swimming pools. Why have a longer opening period when everyone has to pay more for when there are not many people using the service.

There really is no right answer to the situation. All that you can hope to do is find the best compromise that causes the least people to complain.

Read More for a Google translation of the list of services provided last year lifted from the first page of the document. I guess it will be similar this year.

Further to the earlier story about Almerimar featuring on A Place in the Sun.

One of the properties that was viewed was marketed by Alcor Properties. Sharon from Alcor Properties has told me that the producer for the episode has been in touch with her to say that the episode may be shown on Channel 4 sometime in the next 3 months or so.

Once I know more information I will publish it here.