La Almunya del Sur

La Almunya del Sur

Late yesterday afternoon a group of 5 people spent some time at the La Almunya del Sur botanical gardens. We spent around 1 1/2 to 2 hours looking around and had a fantastic time. It was so peaceful and relaxing as well as being very interesting.

You can see directions to the gardens on one of the images above (click on them to see bigger versions).

The gardens are normally open on Sunday mornings but they opened up especially for us yesterday.

There were two guides who showed us around the gardens, Manuel and Carlos. Their English was about as good as our Spanish (Alan & Sharon plus Jacqui and myself). So it was lucky we had a Spanish friend, Paco, with us who speaks good English.

We found out that the gardens were started in 1969 and they have plants from all 5 continents. The gardens have been built up over the many years by cuttings being shared between various plant growers in Spain.

One highlight was a 20 year poinsettia tree. There were many other beautiful examples as well.

We were told that the best time of year to visit is in May. The gardens have the most colour then. In the autumn the best times are around the end of October or the beginning of November. However if you want to be there where the grapes on the terrace are ready to be harvested you need to be there in September.

We agreed with Manuel and Carlos that we may look to arrange one or more group visits later in the year if readers are interested. We were told that the maximum size for a group visit would be around 8-10 people.

Alternatively you could always pop in to the tourist office in Almerimar and speak to Gabriel. He has copies of the leaflet above and has visited the gardens himself. So he could provide you with more information.

Thanks to Manuel and Carlos for being such excellent guides. They told us a great deal about the plants on show in the garden.

You can see lots of photos from our visit in the Gallery.