Lola Gómez Ferrón of Clisol

UPDATED - 29 JULY 2016 - links to extra videos added thanks to information from Gabriel in the tourist office.

The article here on the Ideal site says that Lola Gómez Ferrón of Clisol has been awarded a Medal of Andalucía. I assume this is for her services to the agriculture industry.

Here is a video from one of the trips to the greenhouses organised by the Friday Golf Society:




And an additional video about the history of the greenhouse agriculture in Almería (unfortunately in Spanish without subtitles, but highly worth watching - for better understanding the place where we live):

And last but not least, as I know you're thirsty for knowledge. Here you can see how the biological control of pests works. The speaker is from the north of Spain, but the system is the same used in Almería (and in which we are world leaders).