Spanish prime minister looking to extend lock down for another month (rather than in two 2 week chunks)


Decision on whether Málaga and Granada provinces go to phase 1 due on Friday 15 May 2020


Not too long ago there was only one virus case in the Poniente hospital. I understand that there are now no cases. Or at least there were none yesterday. A little bit of good news.


Daily info from my preferred Spanish stats guy

Note that a multiplication rate of 1.0 means approximately 0 events (cases or deaths) when comparing today`s 4 day average with yesterday's.

Google translation:

Data Wednesday May 13

The scenario marked four days ago is confirmed. The weekly internal cadence is also repeated.

The cases repeat for the third day below 500 daily infections. Today, 439 (426 yesterday). The multiplication rate drops again a little, to 1.009. Very good signal for the control of the final phase of the first wave, which places it in an area where communities can fully monitor all new cases, and not just serious ones.

A new order has been issued for the autonomous communities to follow up on cases in this new phase, Order SND / 404/2020, of May 11. The strategy to be followed in Spain ?: early detection: “Once the most complicated moment of the crisis has been overcome and now that the different territories are already beginning to advance in the different phases provided for in the Plan for The Transition to a new normality, approved by the Agreement of the Council of Ministers of April 28, 2020, it is necessary to adapt and strengthen the information systems for epidemiological monitoring and surveillance, so that early detection of any case can be carried out that it can have an active infection and that, therefore, it can transmit the disease ”. This approach is translated into article 5 of the order that any suspected (symptomatic) case must be subjected to a PCR test within 24 hours. And that information is added and transmitted to the Ministry of Health. BOE access here.

In other words, Spain renounces the contagion contact tracking system, at least as a legal and formal requirement. Personally I find it very puzzling and dangerous. My hope is that many autonomous communities go one step further and do this process of tracing contacts to identify asymptomatic cases, since everything indicates that they are also contagious.

With respect to the distribution of cases by autonomous communities in the last 4 days, the rate per 100,000 inhabitants in all communities with high figures falls (Castillas, Navarra, Catalonia). In Aragon it remains stable.

184 deceased. Rise with respect to data from Monday and Tuesday, which confirms the weekly rhythm. It does not exceed the 200 barrier, so it remains at the new base this week. The multiplication rate remains at 1.024.