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Daily Spanish coronavirus data being reported at a later time of day for a different daily time period.

Here is a Google translation of what my preferred Spanish stats man has said:

Notice, data Monday May 18

Yesterday Fernando Simón announced that as of today the data for the day will no longer be with the information collected until 8:00 p.m. the day before, but until 24:00, to have the data for the calendar day. And that they will take their time to process the data, so they delay the time for communicating the results, in the afternoon. Therefore, our daily blog appointment with daily data will also happen in the afternoon.

So daily stats later in the day from now on.


Daily info from my preferred Spanish stats guy

Note that a multiplication rate of 1.0 means approximately 0 events (cases or deaths) when comparing today`s 4 day average with yesterday's.

Google translation:

Data Monday May 18

Excellent trend movement both on the death front and on new cases detected.

59 deaths, second consecutive day below one hundred (28 less than yesterday). It takes us back to the figures of March 14, at the beginning of the explosion of devastating increasing daily figures. The multiplication rate was then 4. Total deaths were multiplied by 4 every 4 days. Now the rate falls to 1.014, from 1.020 yesterday. However, it is likely that we still bracketed some days with figures above 100 dead, without signifying a rebound: there are still thousands of hospitalized patients.

285 contagions detected in the last 24 hours (I do not know if today corresponds to the last 28 hours, due to the change in the accounting period). Positive surprise for me, since stable figures could be expected due to the expansion of the activation of the early detection strategy, with tests to anyone who comes with symptoms. These are already good global figures so that in each and every one of the communities they can monitor all new cases, a key factor in getting out of the first wave of the epidemic well. The rate returns to the level of 1.008.

Except for Catalonia, with 85 new cases, all communities have less than 50 new cases. These are acceptable figures to monitor all cases, in the hope that they will also monitor all the close contacts of those infected. Aragon continues without reducing its daily number of cases.

In cases for every 100,000 inhabitants in the last 4 days, it increased significantly in Navarra (today it has a notable rise of 30 cases).