Daily info from my preferred Spanish stats guy

Note that a multiplication rate of 1.0 means approximately 0 events (cases or deaths) when comparing today`s 4 day average with yesterday's.

Note that this is the data from yesterday - due to timing changes to the release of data by the government

NOTE: He continues to be unhappy with the lack of central reporting of deaths in Spain

Google translation:

Still no data on the deceased newspapers. It is now three full weeks without the Spanish citizens knowing about the epidemic situation, like the international community.

40 new cases of contagion reported. As expected, again low today but probably not representative, since the weekend effect is completed today.


Just a few words about what is happening with golf in Andalucía

To start with a bit about golf in Almerimar. The course here opened some time ago. Playing 18 holes on the Master (1&2) summer course layout. With the Classic (Master 3) 9 holes still closed. The course is in very good condition. Although the greens are still very firm. Hopefully they will soften up after they are hollow tined in August.

There are no yardage markers on the course. Also, the flags have something fitted to the bottom of them so the balls do not drop all the way in to the holes. Plus there are no rakes in the bunkers. With a local rule that you can place your ball in a bunker within a club length (no nearer the hole). As people cannot tidy up bunkers that well without rakes.

I have seen on the internet that Alborán has started to schedule some official competitions for later this month and July. Mainly for local players to take part I guess. Also, the Andalucía Golf Federation has started running competitions again. For example the entry list for their first senior competition opens tomorrow. I think this is in Jaen.

As yet, the golf hotel and clubhouse at Almerimar are still closed. My guess is that they could re-open either later this month or perhaps in July. Once we are settled in to the "new normal" state in Spain.

I guess we will have to wait and see. As if a second wave of infection occurs who knows what might happen. Here and elsewhere in Spain.


Bars, restaurants, shops and businesses in Almerimar

I think that the majority of bars, restaurants, shops and businesses in Almerimar are now back up and running. I have to admit that Jacqui and myself have only been out to a restaurant once since they started to re-open some time ago. We are being very cautious about things at the moment.