Note: Now we have "new normality" I will no longer be counting days in lock down. I will however continue to publish coronavirus stats at the moment. Plus any other coronavirus information I think might be interesting.


Daily info from my preferred Spanish stats guy

Note that a multiplication rate of 1.0 means approximately 0 events (cases or deaths) when comparing today`s 4 day average with yesterday's.

Note that this is the data from yesterday - due to timing changes to the release of data by the government

Google translation:

Data Sunday June 21

In the new stabilized system for reporting deaths, today a person is declared dead with coronavirus, by 7 yesterday and two on the first day of recovery in the series. Therefore, the low mortality rate at the end of the epidemic is maintained.

Although these are already validated and consolidated data, it is found that despite everything, they should not be considered as definitive. The Ministry of Health itself in its detail graph of the daily deaths in the last 14 days modifies the figures given two days ago with those reported today, for data between June 13 and 17 (see comparative graphs). Consolidation will not prevent us from new surprises, it seems.


High number of infections diagnosed in the last day taking into account that it is the weekend and that the number of tests practiced in the surveillance process falls greatly. They are 141, by 134 yesterday and 154 on Friday. Third consecutive day with high numbers of contagion in Aragon (today 33, yesterday 18, 25 on Friday)


Returning to the question of the number of daily deaths that had been suspended for 25 days, some pointed out that despite everything, the information was given on "Deceased with death date in the last 7 days." Here it has been insisted that this figure corresponded not to the actual total deceased, but only those with whom the complete individual record was kept. Fernando Simón did not help much to clarify this ambiguity, and when asked, he used to affirm that there could be some more to be accounted for but that the available information gave a useful trend of the situation. As a consequence, most of the press gave that number of deaths in the last 7 days as the real number.

Well, the reality of the situation had very little to do with the number of deaths that was published in the last 7 days, since May 25. Now that we have the daily deaths data, we can reconstruct the real number and show the difference between the two series.

Sanidad was giving during these more than three weeks of blackout a very stable figure of 35 to 100 deaths in the last week. The reality is that in late May the actual weekly figure was 400, from 250-300 in early June and it has only been in the last three days that coupling between the two series occurs.


Thus, in the initial phase of the information blackout, the only official public figure that was given only included 13% of the actual deaths. It has been covering only 20-40% of actual deaths during the entire period, up to full adjustment in recent days.


Did you help inform the population that from Health this partial death rate was given? No, he misinformed.