Another step in the new normality

This morning I am going to be walking around town taking some more photos for the Memorias de Almerimar then and now series of photographs. The first time I have done this for quite some time.


Euromomo excess death stats for last week


Info from my preferred Spanish stats guy

Note that a multiplication rate of 1.0 means approximately 0 events (cases or deaths) when comparing today`s 4 day average with yesterday's.

Note that this is the data from yesterday - due to timing changes to the release of data by the government

Google translation:

Data Wednesday June 24

Two new deceased are reported.

Predictably, the number of reported cases rises to 334, from 248 yesterday. These are figures in the intermediate zone with respect to the daily data for the last two weeks.

In the graph of daily cases we now add what part of them corresponds to the category "Diagnosed the previous day". Those diagnosed in the previous day are the data that the press usually transmits daily, but as can be seen, they only correspond to between 20 and 60% of the number of cases identified. As we explained yesterday, now that we follow the evolution after the first wave, it is interesting to see the evolution of all the new cases.


The multiplication rate now stands at 1.14, by 1.15 yesterday (remember that this is a new estimate of the rate, with the cases accumulated as of June 4).


Of the 2,403 cases diagnosed in the last 7 days, Health claims that only 254 (10.6%) are cases of recent infection, with onset of symptoms in the last 7 days. In spite of everything, they are 100 more than those that were identified in the previous week. In addition to Catalonia and Madrid, which continue to account for 50% of all new infections in Spain, the communities that have increased new infections this week are Andalusia (from 6 to 24), Aragón (from 5 to 22), Navarra (from 2 to 13) and the Basque Country (from 7 to 14).

We attach the data table for the day.