The article here on the La Voz de Almería site has details of the first small set of re-tests in the Poniente hospital (plus a lot of other stuff).

It also says it might be days or even weeks to complete the re-testing process.

I guess we will see more details emerge on this issue in due course.

Read More for a Google translation of this long article (more than 5000 words so I had to translate it in 2 parts).

Repeated tests in Poniente give a high number of false positives

Of the first twelve ‘positives’, nine have finally given a negative

The results of the first PCR tests repeated this Friday at the Hospital de Poniente, after detecting errors in the system, have confirmed the existence of a very high rate of false positives in the tests carried out in recent days.

The managing director of the center, Pedro Acosta, has confirmed to La Voz that nine of the first twelve tests carried out on people whose test had given a positive result were actually negative.

And the Fondón City Council also confirmed this Friday afternoon that the user of the municipal nursing home who had tested positive the previous day was among those first people who have been victims of the failure in the PCR machine of the ejido hospital. This contagion had led to the isolation of all the workers and users of the center.

"This morning the PCR tests have been carried out on the rest of the users and workers, if tomorrow at noon -for today- all the results are negative, we can affirm that today Fondón, Fuente Victoria and Benecid have been and are towns free of coronavirus ”, proclaimed yesterday Martín Martín, mayor of Fondón, in an official statement.

75 percent Based on the first results, 75 percent of the positives have been 'negativized'. It is a percentage that, if consolidated, could leave the serious rebound of the coronavirus in the province on a slight rise, much more in line with the line that Almería and the Poniente region have maintained regarding the incidence of the coronavirus throughout the pandemic.

Although the increase in infections confirmed in the tests carried out at the Hospital del Poniente was already a reality in previous days, as it shows that 190 cases have been detected in the last two weeks, all the alarms were activated in the center during the afternoon of last Thursday, when the PCR machine offered a very high number of positives in a few hours.

Also admitted But not only that, since, as Pedro Acosta explains, they began to give positive not only asymptomatic or people with very mild symptoms, but also patients already admitted to the hospital -which is already a major problem added at all levels - and other cases that “did not fit” in the doctors' diagrams.

Therefore, the management team took the reins and started an investigation, consulting professionals from different areas and epidemiologists, and soon it was concluded that there could be a problem in the laboratory. Immediately "the reaction chain was stopped to reactivate a new one with a cleaner procedure" with the aim of "negativizing the positives", explains the hospital manager.

Therefore, a forced march was started to correct the error in the system, which is still under investigation, although there are already suspicions of where the problem may have been.

But the fact that the origin of the failure has not yet been determined exactly has not been an obstacle, however, so that from the morning of this Friday the tests of the last days began to be repeated, which have given the first results already mentioned .

If this proportion is followed, which is not ruled out, we could find that in reality the 190 cases detected in the West in the last two weeks could be reduced to less than fifty, which would mean an evolution of the disease much more proportional to the previous stages.

Four active outbreaks (?) It will be the investigation already underway that will finally determine how long to go back to the errors, that is, when the false positives began to be confirmed. The manager believes, in any case, that it could be a matter of days, and in principle he rules out that it could be weeks. It should also be noted that in the last seven days alone, a total of 159 Covid-19 positives have been confirmed in the Poniente Health District.

It should be remembered that according to the Ministry of Health and Families, four outbreaks of Covid-19 with 106 cases are still active in the West, apart from another large number of contagions declared without any connection to them. The last of these outbreaks, with 31 cases, was declared last Wednesday in Berja, among employees of a company; while other 64 positives correspond to the outbreak declared in another company in El Ejido; while another six remain in the one detected in Adra and the last one continues with five cases.
The PSOE asks for clarification The Andalusian MP for the PSOE in Almería Noemí Cruz has asked the President of the Board, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, to clarify what happened with the repetition of the PCR tests to detect the coronavirus at the Hospital de Poniente.

Noemí Cruz said that "it is difficult to describe with a word the management that the Board is carrying out of the increase in contagions by coronavirus detected in the province, which we can no longer trust its exact number" in view of the statements made by the delegate of Health on the need to repeat a test, that "the less they sow confusion in the province".

"That the Government delegate say verbatim that the focus of Berja does not concern them because they have it closely watched and that a few hours later the Health delegate announces that the tests must be repeated is devastating for the tranquility and confidence of citizens in his public health ”, he assured.

"We demand that the Andalusian president himself, Moreno Bonilla, clarify as soon as possible what is happening, that he amend the alleged chain of errors, that he reinforce, as we are demanding from the socialists, the area of ​​Public Health and the epidemiological surveillance service and that health professionals destined to track positives increase, because we are very afraid that what happened is due to a very serious lack of personnel, "he concluded.

Closure of dependencies It must also be remembered that the Berja outbreak has led to the City Council having agreed to close all municipal dependencies, since the mayor of the town, José Carlos Lupión, has demanded that the health authorities , after assessing the situation, “declare, where appropriate, the retreat of the municipality of Berja to an earlier phase of the de-escalation, and that more stringent measures are adopted, which, even if they represent a sacrifice for the residents, result in the end for the benefit of all. "

But a measure as serious as the closure of municipal buildings did not stay in Berja, but continued in Fuente Victoria, where the City Council also closed most of its municipal offices and canceled the planned activities until further notice, as it was recorded that A case of Covid-19 has been confirmed in the Municipal Residence for the Elderly 'Moraima'. And all for a false positive, as confirmed.

But the Laujar City Council also continued the crusade against outbreaks of coronavirus, despite the fact that no cases have been detected in the town. The Consistory issued a faction in which not only closed municipal offices, but also announced the water cut of all the pillars of the municipality, because it is, he argued, an area of ​​"constant contact".