UPDATED: The story here on the Almería 360 site has a breakdown of cases per district in the province over the last 7 and 14 days. No need for a translation. You should be able to understand the table in the article. Scroll to the bottom to see the info for our region (Poniente). As you can see Roquetas and the El Ejido feature in the stats. Hopefully these numbers will reduce a bit once the re-tests have been completed. I understand that there is a rush to get this re-testing done in the Poniente hospital.

The article here on the La Voz de El Ejido site has the latest info.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Coronavirus leaves two more outbreaks in the province and 25 new cases

The outbreaks are located in the Almería Health District and the Levante-Almanzora District

Far from being controlled, coronavirus cases grow day by day in the province. Almería leaves behind the good data recorded during the harshest phase of the pandemic and becomes one of the areas of Andalusia most affected by the outbreaks.

And is that the Junta de Andalucía has confirmed on Monday the appearance in the province of two new outbreaks: one located in the Almería Health District and another in the Levante-Almanzora District, and communicates 25 more positives.

According to data from the Regional Administration Health Council, the registered focus of the Levante-Almanzora Sanitary District has seven cases, while the other has generated, so far, five positives.

These new outbreaks join the four that are still under investigation in the province of Almería, all of them in the Poniente region. The Andalusian Government does not add new cases and maintains 64 positives in the El Ejido outbreak, 31 in Berja, 6 in Roquetas and 5 in Adra.

The aforementioned investigation phase implies that a contact study and tests are being carried out.

Andalusia already has 24 outbreaks spread between Almería, Córdoba, Granada, Málaga, Seville and Jaén.

In the Levante of Almería, an outbreak originated in June, following a preoperative period. This has not appeared in the daily report of the Andalusian Government for days.

At the hospital

The province currently has ten hospitalized patients, of which two are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Today, the Board adds one more and there are already 264 people who have needed to be admitted to a hospital.

The coronavirus already leaves a total of 1,095 coronavirus cases in the province of Almería, of which 822 have been detected through PCR tests.

769 people have managed to overcome Covid-19 and 53 have died since the start of the pandemic from this disease.

This is the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic in Almería, in the absence of clarification of the failures that have originated in the PCR tests carried out at the Hospital de Poniente and that have led to several 'false positives'. At the moment, the Board has not modified these data.