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 New record of coronavirus infections in Almería in one day: 84 more cases

Almería continues to be the Andalusian province with the most outbreaks

The coronavirus does not give a truce to the province. Far from abandoning us, the number of infections has soared in recent days.

There is bad news for Almería, which has become the province with the most outbreaks in the Andalusian community, to which must be added the record of new cases registered in one day.

And is that the Ministry of Health of the Board of Andalusia has reported this Wednesday 84 new positives, some of them linked to the outbreaks declared earlier days. The Andalusian region has added 117 today.

On July 16, Salud reported 60 cases. Until that date, the record was on March 27 (when practically two weeks of the state of alarm decreed by the central government), date on which 31 positives were reached by Covid-19, according to the Health record. Two days before, on March 25, 31 new cases were detected, the same number as that of this past July 11.

A total of 1,198 people have been infected with coronaviruses in Almería since the pandemic was declared, of which 925 have been detected by PCR tests.

One of the municipalities most punished in recent days by Covid-19 is being Níjar, which since last Monday has 35 more cases.

According to the data provided by the Board, Almería has eight active outbreaks, all in the investigation phase except one that is in the phase of overcoming and that corresponds to the one detected in the municipality of Adra. A focus registered in the municipality of Pulpí no longer appears in the daily register of the Ministry of Health.

The El Ejido outbreak has increased in 13 cases, reaching 77 positives. The same has happened in the one detected in the Levante-Almanzora Health District, which goes from 8 to 10.

On the other hand, there are two outbreaks that have decreased in cases from Tuesday to this Wednesday: three less in one of the outbreaks of the Almería District that goes from 7 to 4 and the one located in the municipality of Berja (Poniente) that it is reduced to 27 infections after the repetition of tests due to the failures in the PCR detected in the Hospital de Poniente.

Two more people have needed hospitalization in the last 24 hours and another two have already overcome the disease, a number that now stands at 774.