The article here has quite a bit of information about attempts to bolster the tracking and tracing plus testing efforts in the province. Plus some feedback on the recent re-tests in the Poniente hospital.

70 of 228 re-tests returned negative. So around 30% of the tests on 14 & 15 July in the Poniente hospital were false positives.

The article was posted on the Diario de Almería site early this morning.

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Health will strengthen the tracking and monitoring of outbreaks with 31 pharmacists and veterinarians

Throughout the month of July, more than 10,000 PCRs will be carried out in the province, almost 2,500 carried out in the last weekend. 5.8% of the tests are positive and 95% of those diagnosed asymptomatic

The new epidemiological scenario facing the province of Almería, which has the most in Andalusia with eight outbreaks under investigation and the highest number of coronavirus infections in recent days -this record-high Wednesday with 84 cases- has pushed the Ministry of Health and Families to reinforce the monitoring and tracing of active foci with 31 pharmacist and veterinary professionals from the A4 upper faculty assigned to the health districts of Almería (20) and Poniente (11). The decision responds to the substantial increase that is being carried out in the PCR tests to control the outbreaks, seven notified yesterday and one more in Laujar that will be incorporated in the next few hours to the official statistics, after performing 9,464 tests since the state of It alarmed on June 21, no less than 2,467 during the last weekend.

Public Health inspectors who join the tracking and case monitoring teams, including the study of contacts that is a "long and tedious process that takes many hours", will be in support tasks in data management, although they can also be part of a "catch" in the event that a focus of greater draft appears. "We have wanted to anticipate events, hopefully we won't need them later, but epidemiology and hospitals are prepared to face any outbreak," argued the delegate of Health and Families, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte.

The delegate of the Government of the Board, Maribel Sánchez, has appeared this Wednesday with the health authorities of the province, with whom she had held a summit in the morning on the evolution of COVID-19, to report on the unprecedented effort that is doing to stop the exponential growth of infections. "All Almeria health professionals are turning to tracking so that no positive escapes medical control and I want to congratulate them for the extraordinary work they are doing," she argued. The reinforcement of the inspectors of the A4 body will allow to continue processing and closing the circle of pending outbreaks with a PCR forecast for this July that will go above ten thousand compared to 7,723 in May and 7,462 in June.

The territorial delegate of Health has reviewed the evolution of the eight foci in follow-up and revealed that 94.2% of the tests carried out in the last month have been negative. He has also analyzed the crisis of false positives at the Hospital de Poniente on July 14 and 15 and for which 228 tests have been repeated, of which 70 that had been diagnosed become negative. "We must thank the speed with which they acted after detecting the contamination of the tests because it has been decisive in order to immediately resolve the error," said the territorial delegate.