The article here on La Voz de Almería has today's news about outbreaks and cases.

I am not sure. However I think there is a little bit of a numbers game going on in terms of cases. I think that the report has removed the 70 false positives from 14/15 July from the numbers. Then said that the total number of cases has fallen a little today in total.

In terms of outbreaks there is one more new one - in Laujar. However the active outbreaks total stays at 8. As the Roquetas outbreak is considered as controlled now.

I will have to try to locate the definition of what and what is not considered an outbreak.

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Almería maintains 8 active outbreaks of coronavirus: that of Níjar increases 30 cases

Laujar joins the list of municipalities affected by a Covid-19 outbreak

Coronavirus numbers in the province continue to rise. This Wednesday, officials from the Andalusian Government were already warning of the increase in cases in some of the outbreaks already detected and of the appearance of a new outbreak, something that the daily report on Thursday has confirmed.

Despite this, the Ministry of Health today locates four fewer cases of Covid-19 in the province of Almería. This is due, as he explains, to small oscillations in the absolute number of data that depend on different factors related to the collection of the same, which is carried out day by day, case by case, and the improvement of their quality.

Even so, Almería adds one more outbreak to the list, the one registered in Laujar de Andarax and that this Wednesday afternoon was already announced by the Health delegate, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte. This currently has eight active cases.

The Board also warned yesterday of the increase in cases of the outbreak associated with the Níjar region, which has gone from five to 36.

The positive results of the outbreak located in Pulpí have also risen with respect to Wednesday's data. There are already 13 people infected.

The one from El Ejido also adds a new case and already has 78 infections associated.

On the other side of the scale, the focus is detected in Roquetas de Mar, which no longer appears in the daily report and is considered controlled.

A total of 1,194 people have been infected with coronavirus in Almería since the pandemic was declared, of which 921 have been detected by PCR tests.

Two more people have needed to be admitted and there are already 12 hospitalizations, of which two are in the Intensive Care Unit. And four more people have overcome the coronavirus, a number that now stands at 778.

95% of the cases of Covid-19 that are being detected in the province of Almería in recent weeks are asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms, and the average age of those who are infected is 35 years, as reported by the Board of Andalusia.