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La Voz de Almería stats story from yesterday (24 July 2020)

Google translation:

Coronavirus strikes Almería again: 61 positives and one more outbreak

The El Ejido outbreak adds 14 more cases

No good news. The advance of the coronavirus pandemic remains unstoppable in the province. The Andalusian Government has notified this Friday that Almería is, one more day, the Andalusian territory with more new cases of Covid-19 confirmed in the last 24 hours.

In the daily part of the Ministry of Health it is collected that there are 61 new positives registered in Almería on this last day. Granada is the second province in Andalusia with the most cases, contributing 18 of the 112 notified by the community this Friday.

Almería also adds one more outbreak (eight are already active in the province), which is located in the Levante-Alto Almanzora Health District, and which currently contributes five cases.

The evolution of the outbreak detected days ago in the municipality of El Ejido is worrying, which in the last 24 hours has added 14 new cases, reaching 92 positive cases.

One of the outbreaks located in Pulpí has ​​registered a new associated case and there are already 14 people affected by coronavirus.

Almería contributes eight of the 32 active outbreaks in Andalusia.


The positive fact of the day is the number of people cured, which increases by 31 people. There are already 809 people who have overcome the coronavirus in the province since the start of the pandemic.

Three more people have been hospitalized and 12 are already in one of the province's hospitals, two of them in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

A total of 1,255 people from Almería have been infected in the province, of which 982 have detected their infection through PCR tests.

The Andalusian Government already warned this week that 95% of the Covid-19 cases that are being detected in Almería are asymptomatic and that the average age of those affected is 35 years.

This increase in cases, according to health authorities, is also linked to carrying out a greater number of tests.

Almería has been together with Huelva the Andalusian provinces with the least incidence of the coronavirus in the most difficult moments of the pandemic in Spain. The Huelva territory remains so, with 553 positives.


La Voz de Almería stats story from today (25 July 2020)

Almería adds another 29 positives and the El Ejido outbreak is close to 100

The province already has 14 patients hospitalized by Covid-19, two of them in the ICU.

Almería lives today a new day of ascent of the epidemiological curve after adding 29 new positives in the last 24 hours and seeing how the El Ejido outbreak, the largest in the province and the Second in Andalusia, is approaching 100 infections after adding four new ones today and having 96.

With the data made public this afternoon by the Ministry of Health and Families of the Andalusian Government, the province already has a total of 1011 positives detected by PCR and maintains eight active outbreaks, including the one in El Ejido, which today has returned to add four new positives to the outbreak and there are already 96. Also, the outbreak detected yesterday in Cuevas del Almanzora in the members of the same family after a celebration is listed with five positives.


As for the hospitalized, Almería is the province that maintains the most patients in the hospital, with 14, of which two are in the ICU. Figures that are unmatched in the rest of the community, where hospital pressure is currently as follows: Cádiz (4 hospitalizations and none in ICU), Córdoba (6 hospitalizations of which 2 in ICU), Granada (9 hospitalizations and none in ICU), Huelva (1 hospitalizations and none in ICU), Jaén (2 hospitalizations and none in ICU), Malaga (6 hospitalizations and none in ICU) and Seville (3 hospitalizations of which 1 in ICU).

Thus, in total today there have been 114 new positives detected by PCR, with the province of Seville as the main affected with 35 positives, followed by Almería, with 29, and Malaga, with 26 positives in the last 24 hours. With these data, Andalusia already has 14,445 positives revealed by the PCRs in the autonomous community since the start of the pandemic on a weekend in which, as has happened since the beginning of the 'new normality', the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía do not offer the data of new infected by coronavirus in each of the 103 municipalities of the province of Almería.
7 of the top ten most infected municipalities in Andalucía are in the province of Almería
Second wave of the Covid in Almería, the worst that happens in the new normal

The people of Almería are the Andalusian municipalities with the most new cases after the state of alarm

That the new normality has not suited the epidemiological curve especially well in the province of Almería is a reality that is shown daily by the numbers offered by the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Health and Families, but when these numbers turn black on white reality is hopeless.

The days with two and three dozen new positives detected in some of the 103 municipalities of Almería alternate with others in which these are 60 or 80 daily, as has happened this week, but there are very few days in which the province has lived days with only a number of new positive of Covid-19.

This new reality that Almería is facing reveals that this is the province of Andalusia that is having the worst after the end of the state of alarm and the arrival of the new normal. Thus, since June 21, Almería has experienced exponential growth in its positives for coronaviruses, both those detected by PCR and by rapid tests, as reported in the statistics of the Junta de Andalucía.

Thus, if Almería registered a total of 533 positives for Covid-19 on the day the so-called new normal began, Sunday, June 21, and the total detected were 804, these numbers have increased substantially and currently there are 982 positives detected by PCR and 1,255 totals, which leaves an increase of 56% in total diagnosed patients and 84% in those with PCR.

The percentages that are repeated during these last days in the province of Almería have not been so noticeable in the rest of the regions of Andalusia, which in the global autonomous community has experienced since June 21 and with the latest data made public Yesterday, July 24, an increase in positives of barely 8% when it comes to total positives (from 17,762 to 19,203) and 10.9% in PCR (from 12,916 to 14,331).

The rest of the provinces of Andalusia present a similar situation to that registered in the overall autonomous community, with only Granada following in the footsteps of the province of Almería, although with very remote percentages. Thus, Granada has experienced an increase in the new positives in the 'new normality', which is around 11% in the RCPs and 15% in the global, which reveals that it is quite far from the registered figures in the neighboring province of Almería.


But, as it could not be otherwise, the increase in the total figures is due to how badly they are having it in some municipalities of the province that are victims of one of the eight outbreaks that remain active in Almería, the last of them. detected this Friday in the municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora. And it is that, the municipalities of the province stand out among all the Andalusians as the ones where the new positives have grown the most after the new normality.

Thus, among the first 10 towns that have experienced a greater number of new positives since the end of the state of alarm, on June 21, and until the last day of which there are local records of those infected by municipality, this past Friday. , July 24, four of those that appear are in the province of Almería, with Roquetas de Mar in the lead and with a clear difference from the rest of Andalusian municipalities after adding 170 new cases in the last month.

The rocky municipality is followed by El Ejido, with 72 new cases; Níjar, with 61, and the capital of Almería, with 39 positives detected during the 'new normal'. For its part, Malaga has added 166 new cases, Granada 15 and Córdoba has added 111, making them the third, fourth and fifth municipalities with the most new cases in the autonomous community. This situation is repeated when instead of attending to the global numbers registered during the new normality, attention is paid to the percentages of increase, in which the municipalities of the province of Almería occupy up to seven positions in the top 10.

Laujar de Andarax, after detecting its first seven positives this week, has become the municipality with the highest increase, 100%, with respect to the state of alarm, the same thing that occurs in Alcolea, Bédar, Carboneras and Los Gallardos. For their part, Níjar and Berja have suffered worse luck, with 61 and seven new positives, respectively, accounting for 91% and 87% of new cases with the arrival of the new normal.
I saw the headline of this article on the Olive Press site and thought it might be about the outbreaks here - however it is more about what is going to happen further along the coast
52 people in Almería province have recovered from the virus in the last 24 hours
Sort of good news. As mentioned above there were 29 extra cases in the province in the last 24 hours. It is nice that for once we have more people recovering that being infected. I will not other with a full translation. You can see the stats for the whole of Andalucía in the article here: