This is the rolling coronavirus story for Tuesday 28 July 2020.


33 new cases in the province in the last 24 hours

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Almería registers 33 new positive for coronavirus and 20 hospitalized

The province adds five new patients in hospitals this Tuesday

The coronavirus has once again dealt another blow to the province of Almería and today, Tuesday, it has left 33 new positives detected by PCR, the highest number of all the provinces, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health and Families of the Board from Andalusia.

As if that were not enough, to the 33 new coronavirus infections that have been reported, there are five new patients in the three Almeria hospitals, bringing the total number to 20 patients currently hospitalized, of which three are in the ICU, two more than this Monday. With this increase, the province remains at the head of the eight Andalusians in terms of the number of patients in hospitals.

By provinces: in Almería (20 hospitalizations of which 3 in ICU), Cádiz (5 hospitalizations and none in ICU), Córdoba (8 hospitalizations of which 2 in ICU), Granada (11 hospitalizations and none in ICU), Huelva ( without hospitalizations), Jaén (1 hospitalizations and none in ICU), Malaga (8 hospitalizations and none in ICU) and Seville (3 hospitalizations of which 2 in ICU).

Almería, likewise, has nine outbreaks of the 41 outbreaks currently in the entire autonomous community, three of them in the west, three in Almería and three in Levante-Almanzora, the last one detected today with 4 positives. All, except two of those located in the West and that have 4 and 32 positive associates, are in the investigation phase.

Thus, the reports of the Ministry of Health and Families on Tuesday leave 88 new positives throughout Andalusia, with Malaga and Seville, with 27 and 13 respectively, as provinces that accompany Almería in this particular ranking of the coronavirus pandemic .

The positive part does not come today in the form of cured, since the province remains with a total of 863, the same as the day before. On the other hand, the global data already leaves 1,092 positives detected by PCR since the beginning of the pandemic and 284 hospitalized, 48 of them in the Intensive Care Unit.


Cases by municipality for the last 7 and 14 days

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