This is the rolling coronavirus story for Thursday 30 July 2020.


37 more cases and 1 more local outbreak

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Almería: 37 new cases of coronavirus and one more outbreak in Poniente

Health reports almost a hundred cured in the last hours

The daily numbers of new infections do not drop. Almería repeats itself as the Andalusian province that contributes more cases in the last hours, something that has been going on for several days, and adds a new outbreak, located in the Poniente Health District.

The Ministry of Health of the Andalusian Government has reported this Thursday of 37 positives detected in the last day. Andalusia has reported 118 infections in the daily part. Behind Almería are Malaga with 29 and Seville with 23 cases.

The province registers a new outbreak in the Poniente region, which adds, for the moment, four cases.

There are eight outbreaks that are currently active in Almeria territory, after the fact that the outbreak in Ejido (the largest so far with 102 positives so far) is controlled and that detected in Berja among a group of temporary workers (with 31 cases) is in the overcoming phase, which implies that it is no longer active.

The rest of the outbreaks remain stable and have not increased in infections during the last day.

Almost a hundred healed in one day

From the data provided by the Ministry of Health, the number of people who have been cured stands out, 98 more in 24 hours. Therefore, 979 people from Almería have already passed Covid-19.

The number of hospitalized also falls, although in the last few hours there have been two admissions and one in the Intensive Care Unit. Almería currently has 17 hospitalizations, of which four remain in the ICU.

A total of 1,437 people have been infected with coronaviruses in the province, of which 1,164 have tested positive through PCR tests.

53 people have lost their lives because of this pandemic.

This Wednesday, June 29, Almería held a funeral in the Cathedral for the victims of Covid-19 in Almería. The first civil and military authorities of the province attended the missal that was chaired by the bishop of the diocese, Adolfo González Montes.


Google translation of a statement on Facebook today - D'Bar

"Good afternoon, customers are informed that after a positive test for coronavirus in one of our waiters, the same test has been carried out on all the employees of the bar.
Being negative that of all the other D'bar will remain closed today for the total disinfection of the same for the safety of the clientele and tomorrow the 31st we will open with total normality.
For us, the health of our customers is the most important.
Thank you for your support and understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience."


Google translation of a small part of this article:

In Poniente there are 15 positives today: 7 in El Ejido, 6 in Roquetas de Mar and one in La Mojonera and Vícar.


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