This is the rolling coronavirus story for Friday 31 July 2020.


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Almería continues in positions of head in outbreaks of Covid-19

The province registers this Friday two new outbreaks

Almería ends the month of July with bad data regarding the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic: in the last few hours it has added two new outbreaks, which have been located in the Almería Health District, and 35 more cases.

Of the 55 outbreaks that are active throughout Andalusia, after registering 13 new outbreaks and entering one in the overcoming phase, Almería contributes 11 outbreaks of contagion, which places it at the forefront of the Covid-19 outbreak community. Only the province of Seville is ahead with 12, Granada is tied with the Almería territory with 11 and Malaga registers 10. The best ones are Córdoba with 6, Huelva with 2, Cádiz with 2 and Jaén with a single focus.

In total, in the autonomous community there are 28 outbreaks that are no longer active, several of them from the Almería province.

Of the total number of outbreaks that are active in the province, five are located in the Almería Health District, three in the Poniente District and another three in the Levante-Alto Almanzora District.

At the moment, four and five cases are those that register the two new outbreaks in the province of Almería.

The Ejido outbreak (the largest to date with 102 positives) is still in the control phase, which implies that the contact study has been completed and tests have been carried out according to protocols.

At the hospital

In the last hours, six people have needed to be admitted to a hospital in Almería. Currently, the province has 19 hospitalizations, of which four are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and it continues to be the Andalusian territory with the highest income.

Eleven more people have overcome the disease and there are already 990 cured of coronaviruses.

Fortunately, the number of deaths remains stable for the past two months in all 53 deaths.

A total of 1,472 people have had the coronavirus detected in the province, 1,199 through PCR tests.


Some good news - the two biggest outbreaks in our area are "under control"

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The two major outbreaks of the virus in the West are already under control

Almería lives the day with the most cured since the pandemic began

Despite the fact that the coronavirus seems to continue to roam freely in the province of Almería, with 37 cases detected in the last day -more than 31% of the total in Andalusia, where 118 infections were confirmed-, this Thursday good news has also arrived that can mean a change in the trend of the provincial health panorama.

The first of these is that the Ministry of Health and Families has considered as controlled and overcome, respectively, what until now have been the two main sources of spread of the disease in the Poniente Sanitary District, the outbreaks declared in El Ejido and in Berja.

The first, linked to an ejido company in the agricultural sector, has ended with 102 positives, which has become, until now, the second outbreak with the most affected in all of Andalusia, after the one related to a disco in Córdoba. However, as the delegate of the Andalusian Government in Almería, Maribel Sánchez, has pointed out, not all the infected have been workers, but also relatives and people from their environment.

Collaboration Sánchez has thanked the collaboration of this company, which has allowed from the beginning, and thanks also to the actions taken by Health with the identification of the first three cases, “a rapid diagnosis and the reinstatement of 90% of the employees who have carried out quarantines. ” With this, the company already operates normally.

The fact that this outbreak has been declared in the control phase means that the contact study has already been completed and all the necessary tests established by the protocols have been carried out.

Better news has even come from the Berja outbreak, where 31 other people, these yes all workers of an agricultural company on the outskirts of the municipality, tested positive. However, this focus is already considered to have been overcome by the health authorities, which means that it is no longer active.

Regarding the rest of the outbreaks in the province, four are under investigation, among them a new one declared in Roquetas de Mar with four positives. The one that continues to worry the most is that of Níjar, which also arose around an agricultural company in the area, which maintains 38 cases. Together with them, they are still under investigation, that is, they continue to carry out contact studies and tests, those declared in Vera (seven cases) and Laujar de Andarax (eight).

The rest of the outbreaks that are already under control are two in the Almería District (both in Níjar, with four and eight affected, the two related to infections between relatives) and two others in the Levante-Alto Almanzora Sanitary District, in Pulpí (13 cases) and Cuevas del Almanzora (five). In total, the nine outbreaks that remain active in the province have 198 people infected by the coronavirus.

98 healed The other good news of the day was the ‘massive’ recovery of 98 people in just 24 hours, the highest number of healed in a single day in the province. This is also a sign that many of the new infections, detected among young people and in most cases asymptomatic, overcome the disease quickly and without major complications. And it also explains the low percentage of hospitalized in relation to positives (17 at present) and of those admitted to intensive care units (four), despite the fact that Almería is now the province of Andalusia with the most people admitted.

Between Almería and Poniente Most of the 37 cases of Covid-19 confirmed this Thursday by the Ministry of Health and Families were distributed almost equally between the health districts of Almería and Poniente.

This last region accumulated 15 new cases up to 677, of which seven have occurred in El Ejido, with 169 already accumulated; six in Roquetas de Mar (372), one in La Mojonera (30) and another one in Vícar (52), according to the Europa Press news agency. For its part, adds the same source, the Levante-Norte area only accumulated two new positives corresponding to the municipality of Mojácar, which already has six to its credit, and reaches 197 cases.

As for the health district relative to the capital, where 553 accumulated contagions have been since the start of the pandemic, there have been 14 new cases of which seven are in the city (365 accumulated), six in Níjar (99) and one in Benahadux (7), while ten cases are located in an unspecified municipality.


Breakdown of cases per municipality

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More controls in the El Ejido area

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El Ejido sanctions 71 citizens for the mask and restricts nightlife to prevent coronavirus

The Order of July 29 establishes, among other issues, that the use of tobacco inhalation devices, water pipes and hookahs is not allowed in places of entertainment, leisure, hotels and restaurants and discotheques; groups of 12 people within hospitality premises are limited to 12 people; and in pubs and cocktail bars the capacity is limited to 60% and the closing time of discos will be at 5.00

El Ejido City Council has announced increased control over new prevention measures in leisure, hospitality and nightlife establishments.

The mayor has held a meeting with different municipal areas and with the Local Police to analyze the pandemic situation that has presented outbreaks in different municipalities in the province in recent weeks and which, in the case of El Ejido, is already controlled and as announced by the Ministry of Health and Families in its report yesterday, Thursday, July 30.

To date, the Local Police have imposed sanctions on 71 citizens for failing to comply with the obligation to wear the mask and continues with inspections in establishments so that gauging, social distancing, and safety and prevention measures are respected.

During the meeting, the new measures adopted by the Government of the Board were analyzed, after hearing the experts and agreeing with the city councils of the capitals, it maintains nightlife, but with important restrictions to avoid contagions.

Some new measures published in the BOJA in the Order of July 29 that establish for:

- Places of entertainment, leisure, hotels and restaurants, discotheques and in any other type of establishment open to the public are not allowed to use tobacco inhalation devices, water pipes, hookahs or similar.

- Clubs: Those who want to attend must request a reservation with names and surnames. If this is not the case, they will have to leave their personal data upon entering and those who run the business are required to register.

The capacity becomes 40%. The bars will be closed, customers will not be able to consume in them. They will have to be seated, since dancing is not allowed either, and the groups are reduced from 25 to 12 per table.

The company must hire room controllers to monitor compliance with the regulations and the cleanliness of the services will be controlled, either with a permanent person at the access or with a system that shows that they are cleaned every hour. The closing of the disco will not exceed 5.00 in the morning, two hours less.

- Pub or bars: The capacity goes from 75% to 60%; The closing will not exceed 3.00 in the morning and the number of people per table is limited to 12. As in the clubs, there will be a registration of attendees.

- Terraces: 100% occupancy is maintained, but with tables of 12 people maximum.

- Restaurants inside: Capacity of 75% and the same on people by tables.

- Large bottles: The Board modifies the Public Health Law to declare the bottle as an "unhealthy, harmful and dangerous" activity. This will allow law enforcement to intervene to prevent these concentrations of youth from drinking alcohol in outdoor locations outside regulated establishments.