This is the rolling coronavirus story for Saturday 1 August 2020.


Latest story about the daily stats - 84 more cases (a new daily record) and 1 new outbreak

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Almería records its daily record of positive for coronavirus with 84 new ones in 24 hours

The province has a total of 1,283 PCR and adds a new outbreak, in the capital district

The weekend in Almería begins in the worst possible way after the province today broke its daily record for coronavirus positives by adding 84 new cases detected by PCR in just 24 hours. A figure that represents practically half of the infections in all of Andalusia, which added 186 positives this Saturday, and which once again places Almería as the province that has been experiencing the worst since the arrival of the new normality.

With these 84 new positives, the province is experiencing its worst day during the entire pandemic, even worse than the months of March and April in full confinement, and exceeds the days of July 19 and 20, which with 58 and 55 cases, respectively, They kept the records recorded in the province so far. Thus, the total number of positives for coronaviruses detected in the province amounts to 1,283 positives detected by PCR and 1,512 in total, if the rapid tests are added.

Thus, the 84 new positives detected today add to figures that are equally dramatic, that of hospitalized patients, who currently have 20 admitted patients in Almería hospitals, of which four are in the ICU. In the same way, as it happens with the positives detected today, with these income data the province doubles the figures registered in the other seven Andalusians, where the hospital pressure is as follows: in Almería (20 hospitalizations of which 4 in the ICU ), Cádiz (3 hospitalizations and none in ICU), Córdoba (8 hospitalizations of which 2 in ICU), Granada (12 hospitalizations and none in ICU), Huelva (2 hospitalizations and none in ICU), Jaén (2 hospitalizations of the than 1 ICU), Malaga (10 hospitalizations and of which 1 in ICU) and Seville (3 hospitalizations of which 1 in ICU).

As for the outbreaks detected, of the 62 outbreaks that are active throughout Andalusia, Almería contributes 12 outbreaks of contagion, the last one detected this Saturday in the Almería district and which adds 5 positives associated with the same zero patient. Thus, Andalusia today adds seven new ones, two in Córdoba, two in Seville, two in Malaga and one in Almería, as reported this Saturday by the Ministry of Health and Families, which also records a deceased in Jaén.
New policy to be implemented in the Poniente hospital from Monday 3 August 2020
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Poniente Hospital changes the rules for access to hospitalization plants

The measures have the dual objective of guaranteeing patient support and reinforcing safety and prevention measures for covid-19.

The Hospital de Poniente is going to launch new measures to regulate the access of companions to the hospitalization area. The new entry control system will begin to work progressively starting on Monday, and aims to promote the right of people admitted to have accompaniment, as well as reinforce security and prevention measures against covid-19.

As of August 3, the implementation of access control to hospitalization plants will gradually begin. Each patient may only be accompanied by one person in their room, with exceptions justified and authorized by the healthcare team.

At the time of admission, the patient must designate two people authorized to practice as companions, who will take turns staying in the room and who will receive an Authorized Companion certificate.

In extraordinary situations, such as those of patients at the end of life, it will be valued to expand the number of authorized companions.

In order to access the Hospitalization Area, authorized companions must show their certificate at the access control, where they will be given an identification card, which they must carry with them at all times during their stay in the room. This card will be returned to the control when leaving the hospitalization facility, to allow the release by the other person authorized to be with the patient.

Authorized companions must remain in the room, with the door closed, avoiding wandering through corridors and other areas of the hospital. The use of the mask is mandatory and frequent hand hygiene is recommended.

To those who carry out tasks of care and accompaniment of hospitalized patients, it is also recommended that once they are out of the hospital, they respect social distancing measures and avoid crowds and close contact with other people.

If symptoms related to covid-19 appear, such as fever, cough or feeling of suffocation, the caregiver must remain at home and report it to the health services through the channels established in primary care (by calling 900 400061).

Visits to hospitalized people are not allowed in any case and only one companion per patient is allowed, so a single card will be issued, except in exceptional cases such as child care or the accompaniment of people at the end of his life.

General rules for entering the hospital
These access control measures are in addition to those already in place to regulate the entrance to the Hospital de Poniente since last May.

The center has three entry points (apart from the emergency access area): the general access door to External Consultations; the entrance door to External Consultations of Traumatology; and the entrance to the Hemodialysis area.

Patients who come for consultations, treatments, tests or surgical interventions must do so without a companion, except in justified cases, such as minors, dependent or pregnant people.

At the entrance, a temperature measurement is made using an infrared thermometer. Those who have fever or some other symptom that does not require urgent assistance, are referred to their home, to subsequently contact Salud Responde.

Likewise, access to the center with a mask is necessary, as well as frequent hand hygiene with hydroalcoholic solution and that the safety distance must be maintained and the seats canceled in the waiting rooms must be respected.