This is the rolling coronavirus story for Monday 31 August 2020.


Stats for the last 24 hours in the province - one death and 87 more cases

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Coronavirus Almería: there are 100 hospitalized on a Monday with one death and 87 cases

The number of patients in the ICU is now 20 and 43 have recovered in the last hours

August says goodbye to Almería with a new blow to the coronavirus pandemic, which, despite leaving today a number of positives detected in 24 hours below a hundred, has already seen 100 coronavirus patients who have needed be hospitalized, two more this Monday in which the number of covid-19 patients who are in the ICU has also increased and there are now 20.

This is reflected this Monday in the daily part of the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, which presents 87 new positives in Almería detected by PCR after a weekend that left a new record on Saturday, with 190 positives and on Sunday these fell to 83 cases. But the number of positives and patients admitted to hospitals is not the only figure that the province has seen increase today, which today has added one more deceased and there are already 74 coronavirus patients who have lost their lives since March.

The data that draws the most attention, without a doubt, is that the province already has three figures in its hospitalized scoreboard, after adding two new ones in the last 24 hours, and it is the only time that this has happened since the beginning of the pandemic. With these data and the 20 admitted who are in serious condition in the ICU, the hospital pressure in Andalusia is as follows by provinces: By provinces: Cádiz (55 hospitalizations, of which 13 in ICU), Córdoba (51 hospitalizations , of which 3 in ICU), Granada (42 hospitalizations, of which 3 in ICU), Huelva (4 hospitalizations, of which 1 in ICU), Jaén (18 hospitalizations, of which 4 in ICU), Malaga ( 139 hospitalizations, of which 17 in the ICU) and Seville (39 hospitalizations, of which 8 in the ICU).

With today's data, which are added to those harvested so far in August, when more than 70% of all the positives detected in the province have been diagnosed, Almería remains the second province with the most PCR positives among its inhabitants with 4,618 in total, of which today, as reported by Health, 43 have recovered, which leaves the global of these at 1,603.

Finally, both in the outbreak declared in the El Zapillo residence in Almería and in the El Manantial de Terque residence, there have been no changes compared to the previous day.


The Almería 360 7 and 14 day cases stats per municipality.

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