This is the rolling coronavirus story for Wednesday 2 September 2020.


Stats for the last 24 hours - 3 more deaths - 162 more cases

Google translation:

The coronavirus leaves 3 deaths, 17 hospitalized and 162 more cases in Almería

One of the deceased is from the residence of El Zapillo, where the virus has already left 7 deaths

The coronavirus does not give truce in Almería at the beginning of September. The figure of 233 cases registered on Tuesday is somewhat lower today, 162 new PCR positives, but Covid-19 continues to leave a trail of hospitalizations and deaths. According to data from the Andalusian Regional Government Health and Family Council, in the last 24 hours 3 people have died in our province and 17 have been admitted to hospital centers, 3 of them in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). On the side of the recovered, 44 people have received the epidemiological discharge.

One of the three deaths, the Board details, belongs to the outbreak of the El Zapillo nursing home in the capital, for which there are already 7 deaths in three weeks since the outbreak was declared on August 13. Regarding this focus, there have been 112 positive cases so far, of which 73 are residents and 39 are workers.

Regarding the outbreak in the residence of El Manantial de Terque, there have been no changes compared to yesterday.

Following the usual trend of recent weeks, Almería is once again the second Andalusian province with the most cases in a single day, only behind Malaga, where 326 PCR positives have been reported. Then follow Seville (119), Córdoba (87), Granada (73), Cádiz (71), Jaén (31) and Huelva (15).

More than 5,000 cases detected by PCR

After the data of this Wednesday, Almería exceeds the figure of 5,000 PCR positives since the beginning of the pandemic: specifically, 5,013 cases are detected through this test, 5,291 counting the serological tests.

As for the hospitalized, 573 people have passed through Almeria hospitals during these months because of Covid-19, and 84 of them have been referred to Intensive Care. At the moment, 114 remain hospitalized due to this infection, only behind Malaga, where there are 147. 21 patients are still in the ICU, the highest number in Andalusia, since Malaga has 19.

In the rest of the community, this is the still photo that leaves the day looking at Andalusian hospitals: in Cádiz there are 72 hospitalizations, of which 13 in ICU; in Córdoba, 56, of which 3 in ICU; in Granada there are 55 hospitalized, of which 2 are in ICU; in Huelva there are only 4 and none in the ICU; Jaén has 21 admitted patients, of which 4 are in the ICU; Malaga has 47 hospitalizations, of which 19 in ICU, and in Seville there are 53 hospitalized people, of which 8 in ICU.


LATE UPDATE (on 03/09/2020) - cases stats by municipality

As usual, see the table in the article.

Note that on 1 September Almería 360 added total number of cases to the table as new information (a good improvement).. However they then only reported the 14 totals (not 7 day totals).

Then on 2 September they provided total number of cases again. However they then only reported the 7 totals (not 14 day totals).

Hence the chart looking a little funny today (with a couple of zero scores for cases. Please just ignore them.