This is the rolling coronavirus story for Friday 4 September 2020.


Today we start with the week day cases per municipality stats from Almería 360

As usual, you can see the table in the article. My thanks to the people at the Almería 360 site. They have added additional data to their weekly stories. So I can continue to produce my week day historical information. With some extra data added.


The cumulative data I produce based on the articles from the Almería 360 site each week day


 You may notice that the 14 day values are now being published again by Almería 360. Also, in addition, they are now publishing the figures for the total number of people cured of the virus. So I have added this data to my spreadsheet. Plus I have added 2 more charts - total cases and total number of people cured.

UPDATE - I have spotted that the dates are wrong on one of the two new charts. It should read that the data is from 1 to 4 September. I will correct this error when I publish the latest data on Monday 7 September.


Stats for the last 24 hours for the province - 157 more cases plus 2 more deaths (in our Poniente region)

Google translation:

The coronavirus shakes Almería with 157 positives and two deaths in 25 municipalities

El Poniente adds the two deaths on a Friday that also leaves a positive by rapid test

The epidemiological curve of the coronavirus has again experienced considerable growth this Friday, when it has added 157 positives detected by PCR, as well as one more by rapid test (158), compared to the 134 cases of covid-19 detected the day before. This is how the daily report of the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía was presented today, in which the province of Almería has once again added deaths from the disease and there are already 84 after two deaths confirmed this Friday in the municipalities of Roquetas de Mar and La Mojonera.

The 157 positives detected today are found in 25 municipalities and leave a total of 5,304 cases by PCR and 5,583 in total. Thus, among the Almeria towns with cases, the presence of Armuña del Almanzora stands out, in the Levante-Alto-Almanzora district, which until now was free of viruses and today has added its first positive. But, again, it is the region of Poniente that has confirmed the most cases, with 75 of the 57 this Friday, 44 of them in El Ejido, which since the beginning of the pandemic has already had 1,077 confirmed positives. Roquetas de Mar is the second municipality in the Poniente Almeria with more cases today, when it has reported 18 and has 874 in the total, as well as one more death in the last 24 hours and there are already 20 Roqueteros who have died from the covid- 19.

For his part, Vícar has added seven more and already has 273; Adra, three and 89 overall; Berja has added three new ones and there are 21 since March, and La Mojonera has added one more positive and one more deceased today, which leaves its total figures at 184 and two, respectively.

In the health district of the capital, it is the city of Almería that adds the most positives, with 37 of the 52 detected in the region. Thus, the capital already has 1,194 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, and only Nijar follows in the footsteps with a total of 387 positives after adding seven more this Friday. For its part, Rioja has five cases under its belt after reporting three in the last 24 hours; two have been notified in Alhama de Almería, which now has 12; one by PCR and another by rapid test in Alhabia, which adds up to a total of eight; as well as one in Huécija (3) and Gádor (9).

Finally, in the Levante-Alto Almanzora health district, 27 positives have been reported today, seven of them in Huércal-Overa (120 in total); four in Albox (54) and Pulpí (71); two have been reported in the municipalities of Cantoria (6), Cuevas del Almanzora (70), Olula del Río (16), and, finally, with one in the last 24 hours are Chirivel, with a total of five; Tíjola (5); Los Gallardos (4), Garrucha (70) and Mojácar (92).

In addition, it should be noted that this Friday, when there are nine new hospitalized in the province of Almería, three positives have also been reported in people who are not registered in any Almeria municipality.


New coronavirus rules approved in Andalucía yesterday