This is the rolling coronavirus story for Saturday 5 September 2020.


Daily stats for the province - 145 more cases - 1 more death

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The data of the coronavirus in Almería: 145 positives, one more death and 10 admissions

The province falls below one hundred hospitalized in a day with 449 recovered patients

Figures found left by the coronavirus pandemic in Almería this Saturday. The province has today added a new deceased in the residence of El Zapillo, number 11 so far in September and 85 globally, and has seen, in turn, how the cases detected in the last hours again experience a slight decrease until reaching 145, below yesterday, when there were 157 PCR positives.

This is not the only contrast that occurs in Almería, which on a day in which the new infections once again exceed a hundred, has seen how the total number of cured experiences a real 'high' with 449 patients who have recovered from covid-19 disease in the last 24 hours. In addition, today has been the day in which the province has once again seen hospitalized patients fall below, which stands at 98, there were 102 the day before, of which the vast majority are in the Hospital de Poniente, in El Ejido, which has 60% of those hospitalized.

But the drop in total hospitalizations has not been matched today with good data in this regard, because compared to the day before, Almería has counted 10 more patients who have needed hospitalization in the last 24 hours, among which is one that he had to be admitted to an Intensive Care Unit due to his seriousness. Thus, the ICUs remain today with the same 18 infected as it had this Friday.

In this sense, the hospital pressure in Andalusia has increased by almost 30 cases since yesterday, which leaves the Andalusian provinces with the following situation: Cádiz (88 hospitalizations, of which 17 in ICU), Córdoba (81 hospitalizations, of 10 in ICU), Granada (64 hospitalizations, of which 11 in ICU), Huelva (3 hospitalizations and none in ICU), Jaén (27 hospitalizations, of which 5 in ICU), Malaga (171 hospitalizations, of which than 25 in ICU) and Seville (100 hospitalizations, of which 11 in ICU).

As for the outbreaks registered in the province, and which are located in two residences for the elderly, that of El Zapillo, in the capital, and that of Terque, we must regret, as has been pointed out, one more deceased in the capital's residence , the ninth of the residents to lose their lives due to the disease, and two new positives have been detected, leaving the total at 116, 76 inmates and 40 workers. For its part, in the outbreak of the El Manantial de Terque Residence (Almería) there are already 39 confirmed positives (33 residents and 6 workers).
A story from yesterday on Almería 360 about testing in the El Ejido area
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El Ejido announces the performance of PCR tests on the population of settlements and "vulnerable areas"

The Municipality of El Ejido, the Junta de Andalucía and the Arab and Muslim community, with the active participation of imams, have agreed this Friday to create "covid information groups" in each population center that will disseminate contagion prevention measures through the "mouth by mouth, WhatsApp and social networks ".

Room B of the Auditorium Theater has hosted this Friday a work session between the El Ejido City Council, Health and the Arab and Muslim community settled in the municipality to define joint awareness and sensitization actions aimed at controlling and curbing the number of cases of covid-19 among the immigrant population, which, according to municipal sources, "registers the highest percentage of infections."

Coordinated by the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, with the participation of the director of the Hospital de Poniente, Pedro Acosta; the manager, Emilia Martín, and the epidemiologist from Distrito Sanitario Poniente; representatives of the territorial delegation of Health; the president of Ucidan, Ahansal El Bikre Mohammed; Local police; Arab and Muslim community; Red Cross, Cepaim and Codenaf, the meeting has resulted in the design of local actions such as the constitution of a unidirectional Working Group with all the parties involved; creation in each nucleus of Covid Information Groups using word of mouth, WhatsApp and social networks; carrying out a PCR campaign in vulnerable areas; and the production and dissemination of audiovisual material in different languages.

The imams of the different mosques will inform about all these actions during the Friday prayers, in addition to remembering during the prayer that the preventive measures and instructions recommended by the health authorities such as hand washing must be scrupulously complied with. the use of a mask or social distance, as well as respecting home isolation in case of positives, reducing excess mobility and avoiding crowds.

Góngora has assured that “all those who test positive for covid-19, suspect that they are or have been related to sick people, must strictly respect isolation and that during the quarantine period all health resources will be guaranteed. and necessary social ”.

For their part, the representatives of the Arab and Muslim community have shown their total willingness to collaborate and work on the duty to protect public health, actively participating in each of the established actions.