This is the rolling coronavirus story for Thursday 10 September 2020.



Latest daily information from La Voz de Almería - 3 more deaths - 156 more PCR cases

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Another new black day for Almería: three more deaths and 156 positives

The province adds 90 people to the list of cured on Thursday

This Thursday, September 10 (day marked by the return to school), Almería lives a new black day. One more day, the Andalusian Regional Government Health Department notifies new deaths: three more in the last 24 hours.

Some deaths that are not related to any of the outbreaks located in nursing homes.

Since the start of the pandemic, 95 people have already died from the coronavirus.

New infections
The daily data of contagions of Covid-19 are not more positive. And it is that the Ministry of Health notifies this Thursday 156 new cases (this Wednesday there were 87). A total of 6,092 people have already been diagnosed with coronavirus through PCR tests, to which we must add the so-called rapid tests.

But not everything is negative today, the regional government reports that 90 infected with Covid have overcome the disease in the last hour. In total, this figure already stands at 2,826 cured.

Hospital pressure in the province continues to decline. Today there has been no admission to hospitals in Almería, although a patient did need to be transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

At present, Almería registers 79 hospitalizations (it must be remembered that days ago there were more than a hundred admissions), of which 1 7 are in the ICU.

A total of 617 people have already passed through the Almería hospitals due to the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic and 86 of them have passed through the ICU.

The province is still in the lead
Almería is this Thursday the third Andalusian province with the most infections, according to the report of the Board of Health Ministry. Malaga, one more day, is in the lead with 292 positives, followed by 175 cases from Seville. The data from Huelva continue to attract attention, which today has reported only 8.
Andalusia has registered this day a total of 977 infections and 213 new cured.
Data about municipalities from Almería 360
See the tables in the article for detail.
Almería 360 cumulative week day data

El Ejido to open an "isolation centre" next week
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El Ejido will open an isolation center for asymptomatic patients next week

The City Council is looking for a facility in which to locate a center with medical surveillance to deal with infections in cases of people without housing solution

It was an initial proposal of the Government of Spain that never materialized: the location of medicalized centers in which people with coronavirus but asymptomatic could spend the quarantine period avoiding infecting their partners. No autonomous community ever implemented one. The first one will premiere next week in El Ejido.

The City Council of the town works together with the Poniente District, the Poniente Hospital and the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Health and Families in the province of Almería in the provision of an infrastructure that allows housing asymptomatic patients who do not have a housing solution that allows them to remain completely isolated from the rest of their family members or roommates.

“There are cases of substandard housing in which large families live. If you test positive and due to the conditions in which you live you cannot isolate yourself, you are condemning the rest of the family to also pass the coronavirus ”, indicated an average position of the Andalusian public health system in Almería.

This is what you want to avoid with this measure. The region of Poniente in Almeria is today ground zero for Covid. It has the highest contagion rate in all of Andalusia (346.59 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days) and is among the highest in the country along with Lorca, Parla, Madrid or San Sebastián.

Today, the Consistory will sit again with representatives of the Health department in Almería to close the conditions that this center will need, which will in any case have health care from the SAS public services. At the moment, El Ejido City Council manages various municipal facilities for its location, including some large sports infrastructures. However, the decision is still pending the supervision of the health authorities.

Most of the cases detected in the region - around 60%, according to regional figures - is a migrant population which, in a greater proportion than the national one, is affected by phenomena such as substandard housing. In addition, it is also among those who suffer the most from misinformation due to the language barrier that separates the foreign community from the local one.

The Ejido Consistory has launched an information and awareness campaign aimed at the communities of foreign residents with posters and loudspeakers in which both the Local Police and Civil Protection and the different Local Boards of the municipality are collaborating. “We make, as always, a call to comply with sanitary measures. El Ejido is a responsible municipality ”, the ejido mayor, Francisco Góngora, alleged yesterday, in a meeting with journalists after visiting a teaching center in Balerma that today will receive the first students.

The wide spread of the coronavirus in the West of Almeria during the second wave - which began in Almería at the end of July - has posed a challenge for a health area with a clear hospital deficit. The regional hospital, which serves a population of more than 200,000 inhabitants, barely has 285 hospital beds. And the high healthcare pressure caused by the coronavirus has left no room for action: to the point that patients have been referred to Torrecárdenas to lighten the burden on the center.

All the ingredients of the cocktail have led the health authorities - together with the El Ejido City Council - to seek a solution to avoid infections in patients who do not have a sufficiently acute clinical situation to qualify for admission. Those who have an address that allows them adequate isolation, will be able to quarantine there. Those who do not, may choose to isolate themselves in the new facilities.

Without being the same, Salud has opened an old hospital - San Cecilio - in Granada for the elderly who, without having acute symptoms, required health treatment due to their coronavirus infection. In Almería, instead of opting for these clinic centers for 'average' patients, it was decided to medicalize residences and, now, to also do it in a municipal facility. A whole logistical challenge that will be ready, according to municipal sources, in a matter of days.
In the last 14 days more that 100 people with coronavirus in the El Ejido area have not self isolated
More than a hundred Covid-19 patients fail to comply with isolation

In the last 14 days, the El Ejido City Council carried out 537 follow-up calls for positive cases of coronavirus in the municipality

In the last 14 days, the El Ejido City Council carried out a total of 537 follow-up calls of positive cases for Covid-19 and 120 incidents were opened for breach of the obligation of home isolation or for not having been able to locate the sick person .

The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, emphasized the high percentage of detected cases in which confinement is not being respected and the need to implement means and personnel for the tracing and personnel of the Security Forces and Bodies, which Together with the Local Police, they carry out follow-up tasks to be more effective, "guarantee isolation, and thus try to stop new infections."

Along these lines, the highest municipal official stressed that "it is necessary to extend the opening hours of the Health Centers and streamline, to the maximum, the disciplinary proceedings."

On the other hand, Góngora expressed his concern about “going back to school since, although the City Council has reinforced the maintenance and adaptation tasks of the exteriors of the schools in the face of Covid-19, it is necessary that there be an agile transfer of data between Health and Education, to prevent positive students or those in contact with positive ones from going to classrooms and shield educational centers against the virus.

All these questions that the mayor raised yesterday during the meeting he held with the Local Police and the areas of Health, Social Services and Legal Services.

The meeting also allowed taking stock of the actions that the Local Police of El Ejido has carried out in these two weeks in the inspection tasks against Covid-19, with the precinct of four hotel establishments, the eviction of five premises and two terraces and the closure of 4 more terraces for breach of the rule.

In this way, since last August 16, the Local Police has sent to the Health delegation a total of 22 records of public establishments for non-compliance with health measures.