This is the rolling coronavirus story for Friday 11 September 2020.


 Stats for today - 97 more cases in the province

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The coronavirus touches 20 municipalities in Almería with 97 positives this Friday

Those who have reported the most today have been Almería, Roquetas and El Ejido, all with 16 new cases

The virus continues without giving respite to the province and the 'good' figures in this second wave of the covid are no longer to keep the diagnosed counter at zero, but to be able to go below 100 positives every 24 hours. This Friday has been like this and Almería has added another 97 cases of coronavirus that have been distributed in about twenty Almeria municipalities, among which stand out, another day, the largest.

In this way, the capital, Roquetas de Mar and El Ejido, with 16 new cases each, have been the most positive reported today, when the Poniente health district has once again repeated as the one that adds the most cases daily, with 49 of the 97 positives. For its part, 25 have occurred in the district of Almería and 22 in the Levante-Alto Almanzora, and one has been diagnosed in a patient not registered in the province.

By municipalities, the big three today are joined by six from the Poniente district, such as Adra, with a new case and 128 in the global one; Laujar de Andarax, with another one and 13 to his credit; Balanegra, two (17); Felix, who has one more and a total of three; three in La Mojonera, which already has 213 and nine in the municipality of Vícar, where today it has become known that a new nursing home, that of San Antonio, has been added to the black list of senior centers with outbreaks among its residents . El Ejido and Roquetas de Mar, for their part, have already reported 1,257 and 986 infected, respectively.

In the second health district with the most positives, the capital Almería, of the 25 positives, 16 have occurred in the city of Almería, which has already reached 1,370: this, as is customary in recent weeks, is followed by the municipality from Níjar, which today has four more cases and there are already 447; and then there are five municipalities that have added a single positive in the last 24 hours: Alhama de Almería (16), Terque (30), Huércal de Almería (89), Rioja (seven) and Viator (23).

Finally, Levante-Alto Almanzora repeats as the district least attacked by the coronavirus pandemic and has only added 22 new positives, which have been distributed in a total of five locations: Huércal-Overa, the one that has reported the most, with seven and a total of 152; Cuevas del Almanzora, which adds six and there are now 89; Pulpí, with five new and 94 since March; Vélez-Rubio, who already has 21 after diagnosing three more in the last hours, and Olula del Río, who adds one and has 18 already this Friday, when the number of infections detected in the return to school has also been known.


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