This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 13 September 2020.



Stats for last 24 hours - some good news - only 55 new cases

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Spectacular drop in positives in Almería, which only adds up to 55 this Sunday

The province also counts five cured, but one more patient in the ICU

Almería celebrates this Sunday's data, albeit with caution, since it had been at least two months since the province had a day with as few positives as this Sunday, when only 55 new infections were added to the total for the province, that is already of 6,405 infected diagnosed by PCR. The figures contrast with the new rebound experienced yesterday, with 161 positives in just 24 hours.

The 55 cases of this Sunday leave, in turn, an unusual situation in the table of statistics provided by the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía with the daily data of the pandemic, as Almería plummets to the second province with fewer positives in 24 hours, only surpassed by Huelva, which has added 34. The situation is more reminiscent of how the first wave of coronavirus affected the province of Almería than how it has affected since last July, when They have been continuously shooting cases until they are among the provinces with the highest incidence of covid in the entire country.

In the same way, today's data comes with more news that sows a bit of hope in the discouraging Almeria panorama that the pandemic had left, since in the last hours another five patients have recovered, with a total of 2,873. These are the only movements that have occurred this Sunday in the province, since the deaths remain at the same 97 as this Saturday.

We only have to regret one negative data, that of a patient who was already admitted to the ward in one of the three hospitals in Almeria and who has needed to be admitted to an Intensive Care Unit, which leaves the same 66 hospitalized yesterday, but one more in the ICU, with 13 currently. In the rest of the provinces, the hospital burden is as follows: Cádiz (114 hospitalizations, of which 16 in ICU), Córdoba (89 hospitalizations, of which 15 in ICU), Granada (97 hospitalizations, of which 11 in ICU) , Huelva (4 hospitalizations and none in the ICU), Jaén (39 hospitalizations, of which 7 in the ICU), Malaga (221 hospitalizations, of which 32 in the ICU) and Seville (188 hospitalizations, of which 18 in the ICU).

As for the outbreaks declared in nursing homes, the only ones that Salud reports daily, both the outbreak decreed yesterday in a nursing home in Vícar, the third of this second wave of the virus in the province, and those in El Zapillo and that of Terque have not presented variations with respect to this Saturday, so that of Vícar, 14 inmates and four workers remain with 18 positives; 119 that of Zapillo and 15 deaths; and 44 in Terque, where there are three deceased and only one of the 34 inmates has remained, for the moment, free from contracting the virus.
A case of coronavirus at the SEK school?
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The positive of a minor forces to quarantine an entire class of the SEK Alboran

A child from 1st of Primary would have tested positive and the period of time that students must be confined to their homes is still unknown

The positive of a minor would have forced the direction of the International School SEK Alborán de Almerimar (El Ejido) to put an entire class in quarantine, as confirmed to 'Diario de Almería' this Saturday sources close to the school, given the growing concern of several parents of students to whom this case was reported. Consulted by 'Diario de Almería', from the center there has been no confirmation or denial.

The SEK Alborán School started classes last Monday and the student who would have tested positive, belonging to the 1st year of Primary, would have attended the school the first two days of class, according to these same sources.

The period of time that the students of this 1st grade class of the SEK Alborán School will have to quarantine at their homes is still unknown.