This is the rolling coronavirus story for Tuesday 15 September 2020.


Stats for the last 24 hours - 125 more cases and 1 more death

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The coronavirus returns with force: 125 positives and one more death in 24 hours

Almería capital leads the rise with 57 and a new town leaves the list of free of covid

As happened on September 1, Tuesday has reached the province with a substantial increase in positives detected in 24 hours after two days in which the epidemiological curve had starred in a decline not seen for more than a month. This has been the case when Almería added 125 new positives for coronavirus this Tuesday, in which a new person has also lost his life in the capital and Almería is only one deceased from reaching the center.

According to the daily update of the pandemic data in each of the 103 municipalities of the province, today it has been the district of Almería that has added the most positive long, since it has reported 84 in 24 hours, compared to 13 in the Levante and the 'surprising' 25 positives from Poniente, the district that led daily infections in the province. With these 84 new positives, the district of the capital now adds 2,304 of the 6,583 patients with a positive PCR test, and has seen how this Monday a new neighbor lost his life in the city of Almería, number 30 and 43 of the district .

By municipalities, the capital today leads the rise of the curve in the province, which has registered more than 100% of its cases reported the day before, with 57 of the 125 infections (1,480 in total). In this district, the presence of Ohanes among the towns with new cases of coronavirus stands out, since it remained on the list of municipalities free of covid until today, when it has added one infected. Similarly, in the Almería district, Níjar is once again the one with the second highest increase with 13 new cases and 467 since March, followed by Huércal de Almería, with seven in 24 hours (97); Fiñana, who has added three today and now has 14; two have been reported in Benahadux, which now has 25; and one in Pechina (12).

For its part, the Poniente district, which used to be the one that reported the most new infections on a daily basis, has seen the cases fall today to 'only' 25, most of them, yes, in El Ejido, which has added 10 and has 1,347. Roquetas de Mar follows, with eight more (1,028); Adra, four (147); Vícar, who has notified two more today and now has 364; and Berja, who has a new one, with which there are already 32 confirmed since March.

The Levante-Almanzora does repeat in the lowest position and today it has notified 13 positives, the vast majority of them, 10, in Cuevas del Almanzora, the municipality where around a hundred children are confined after detecting the virus in a minor and which has 115 positives already. There have also been two infected today in Vera (124) and one in Garrucha, which reaches 76. In addition, three infections have been reported again between people without registering in Almería, which brings the total number of these to 184.


More than 200 teachers and pupils in the province are self isolating

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There are already more than 200 teachers and students isolated by Covid-19 in the province

The Board has decided to close the activity in a Huércal-Overa nursery

The first two weeks of activity in nurseries and Early Childhood and Primary Education centers in the province of Almería show the first official figures of the impact of the coronavirus on the school community.

To the data pointed out last Friday by the delegates of Education and Health, Antonio Jiménez and Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, respectively, others have been added this Monday that point to an accumulated of about 200 students and teachers who, for different reasons, have of quarantine in their homes for two weeks.

The Junta de Andalucía maintains that with the face-to-face return to classrooms at different levels, a “constant trickle” of positive cases and preventive isolations is expected. And this is happening in these first days of teaching activity in the province.

In Kindergarten and Primary alone, last week around 75,000 students joined class, a considerable volume of the population. That is, they represent 10 percent of the Almeria registered residents. And of them, along with the teachers, only about 200 have been affected.

First closure

According to Europa Press, the total closure of a nursery school in the municipality of Huércal-Overa, in the Levante, has already been decreed.

Specifically, the ‘Burbuja’ Nursery School has been closed, where last week a group of eight students and two monitors was isolated from a school coexistence.

And this same, Monday, a dozen students of the CEIP 'San Vicente' Primary Cycle, in the El Alquián neighborhood of Almería, have been placed in isolation after maintaining contact with a classmate who has tested positive for the detection of Covid-19.

Andalusian Government sources have indicated to Europa Press that the school unit has not been closed, since the teacher-tutor of the course wears a FPP2 mask, so it has not been considered a risk contact.

The Board has decided, on the contrary, to isolate the ten students who shared a classroom with the infected minor, but this Monday the schoolchildren who did not attend the CEIP that day have been incorporated into the classes.

This measure adds to the closure in the last hours of four Primary groups in the CEIP Alvarez de Sotomayor, in Cuevas del Almanzora, due to several cases of Covid-19 among the students.

Hundred in Caves

Sources from the regional and local administrations have specified that the closure of 4 classrooms at CEIP Cuevano affects a hundred schoolchildren, who have been placed in isolation although they have not specified how many of these students have tested positive in PCR.

The educational units affected are a sixth grade, two fourth grade and one third grade Primary and the origin of the outbreak would be, according to the first data, in the celebration of a communion.

At the beginning of the course, the Territorial Delegation of Education reported a positive in the Nursery School ‘Gruñones’ in La Cañada de Almería, which has led to the isolation of six students and one monitor; and another at the ‘Campanilla’ Nursery School in Huércal-Overa, for which a group of 13 students and a teacher have been isolated.

Almost a dozen teachers, isolated

Health has detected at least one teacher with Covid-19 infection in the CEIP Loma de Santo Domingo de El Ejido, who is isolated and had no contacts; one more in the CEIP ‘San Bernardo’ in the capital with the same characteristics; another at the ‘Lunares’ Nursery School in Aguadulce; and a fourth teacher at the ‘Sirenita’ Nursery School in Garrucha, who has forced the isolation of two cleaners due to possible contagion.

They were also in preventive isolation last week before possible contacts without having yet tested positive a teacher from the CEIP ‘Soledad Alonso’ de Gádor and two teachers from the CEIP ‘Virgen del Río’ in the Almeria municipality of Huércal-Overa.


Cases per municipality from Almería 360

As usual see the tables in the Spanish article.


Cumulative data from Almería 360 - note that they have changed the data they are publishing today (substituted deaths for cured in their tables)