This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 20 September 2020.


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Stats for the last 24 hours - 69 more positives and 1 more death

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Another one more deceased by coronavirus in a day with only 69 positives and 142 cured

Death has occurred among residents of the Vícar senior center

A new deceased, an inmate of the San Antonio de Vícar Residence for the Elderly, puts the black note on the advance of the coronavirus pandemic in the province of Almería, which this Sunday has experienced its second consecutive day of descent of the curve of the covid-19 by registering only 69 new infections compared to the day before, when the positives diagnosed in 24 hours were 100.

The data provided by the Ministry of Health and Families in its daily report reveal an apparent improvement in the epidemiological situation, since the 69 newly infected detected from 9:30 a.m. on Saturday to the same time this Sunday, which leaves a total of 7,088 patients diagnosed by PCR, 142 new recovered have also been added, half of those notified the day before but a significant number that brings to almost 3,800 patients who have given up the covid-19.

But the deaths have increased again today in the province, where a new patient has lost his life, an elderly resident in Vícar, and raises the number of deaths from coronavirus to 110 since March, the second lowest data collected in Health statistics, where only Huelva has fewer deaths by adding just half, 55. On the other hand, Malaga leads the table by adding more than 340.

Regarding the hospital pressure in Almería, despite the fact that today there have been seven new patients who have required to be admitted, none of considerable severity to have to go to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the total number of patients due to covid-19 who are hospitalized in Torrecárdenas, Poniente or La Inmaculada has fallen again and goes from 50 yesterday to 47 today, of which 14 are in the ICU, one less than on Saturday.

In the rest of Andalusian provinces, the hospital burden is as follows: Cádiz (136 hospitalizations, of which 25 in ICU), Córdoba (109 hospitalizations, of which 15 in ICU), Granada (121 hospitalizations, of which 12 in ICU), Huelva (6 hospitalizations, of which 2 in ICU), Jaén (52 hospitalizations, of which 8 in ICU), Malaga (217 hospitalizations, of which 32 in ICU) and Seville (253 hospitalizations, of which 26 in ICU).

The data comes on a weekend in which the Board has sent an alert message about the epidemiological situation in the West, which it has considered "high risk" due to the advance of the coronavirus in this region of Almería. In this way, regarding the outbreaks detected in Almería, the Junta de Andalucía only reports the one declared in Vícar, where there are 19 confirmed cases, 14 residents and five workers.