This is the rolling coronavirus story for Friday 25 September 2020.




Plain clothes policemen doing coronavirus checks in El Ejido area

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Plainclothes police officers monitor compliance with anti-coronavirus regulations in El Ejido

They have already arrested one person, fined 57 and evicted fifty people from a religious concentration in Las Norias

On September 16, a plainclothes Local Police patrol began to operate in El Ejido as a complement to the work carried out by the uniformed patrols in health surveillance for covid-19.

It is one more measure promoted by the Local Government to safeguard public health, trying to avoid new infections and the expansion of the pandemic. Police work that is giving favorable results, since in the time it has been in operation it has filed 57 complaints for non-compliance with the mandatory use of the mask; has proceeded to arrest a person for not wearing a mask and offering resistance and disobedience to the authority; and it has evicted a concentration of fifty people from a religious association in Las Norias.

The plainclothes patrol is inspecting public establishments throughout the municipality, commercial areas and parks and is conducting covid monitoring reports and mandatory surveillance control tasks.


Stats for the last 24 hours - 84 new cases in the province, plus 1 more death

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The pandemic takes a new life and ‘touches’ 84 people from Almeria this Friday

The province continues to roll the 100 positives in a day with 57 cured

Despite reducing the number of affected people who leave each day in the province, the coronavirus pandemic does not give Almería a break and this Friday has left a new deceased and 84 new infections detected in the last 24 hours.

The figures provided by the Ministry of Health and Families leave a slight decrease of only six positives compared to the day before, when there were 90 declared infected, but it keeps the province hovering around 100 positives, a 'red zone' of which He had moved away during the first days of this week, when the infections were just over fifty.

In addition, with this new death, Almería has seen how the coronavirus has claimed the lives of 113 people since March, with a high incidence in recent weeks among residents of the elderly centers of the province, where there have already been around one twenty deceased.

In the section on cured, Almería has today added 57 patients who have given up the covid-19 disease and already has a total of 4,176 since the beginning of the pandemic, a figure still well below that of infected, which rises already at 7,738 this Friday.

In the hospitalized section, today there have been eight new admissions, which leaves the hospital pressure in the province in 46 patients of which 11 are in the ICU.

It should also be noted that changes have been registered in Vícar's residence, where there is a new contagion and there are already 20, 14 of them elderly inmates in the 'San Antonio' ​​center and six workers.


For its part, in the autonomous community, 17 deaths from Covid-19 coronavirus have been registered this Friday, five more than the day before and a higher daily figure for a week, according to data consulted by Europa Press on the website of the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia (IECA), which counts 1,403 cases confirmed by PCR, 81 less than this Thursday.

The 17 deaths this day are the highest number since Thursday, September 17, when 25 deaths were registered, the highest number in the second wave of the pandemic. They are mainly concentrated in the provinces of Malaga, with four, and Seville and Córdoba, with three, to which are added Cádiz, Granada and Jaén with two and Almería with one.

The daily number of positives registers the second consecutive daily decline after 1,551 this Wednesday, the second highest figure of the pandemic, although they remain among the largest in the series of the second wave by continuing above 1,400 positives.

Seville, with 438 cases confirmed by PCR, ranks as the province with the highest number of positives in the last 24 hours, surpassing Malaga, with 274; Granada, with 190; Cádiz, with 144; and Córdoba, with 130. Below the hundred are Jaén, with 99; Almería, with 84; and Huelva, with 44.


Latest 7 and 14 stats from Almería 360

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Latest data based on the Almería 360 articles

The downward trends continue in the average cases per day. Particularly good news for El Ejido. However I read somewhere a while ago that El Ejido had 4 times the number of cases per 100,000 to be classified as HIGH. Looking at the stats I think we now only have around 2 times the number of cases to be classified as HIGH. So still quite a long way to go.