This is the rolling coronavirus story for Saturday 26 September 2020.




 Stats for the last 24 hours - 86 more cases, 2 more deaths in the province

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The coronavirus hits the province again with two deaths and almost 90 cases

There are five new hospitalized this Saturday, when 123 patients with covid have recovered

The people of Almeria are observing with the greatest attention the progress of the coronavirus pandemic after Health will announce confinements for municipalities with a high rate of contagion and today's data reveal that the situation has worsened in the province compared to the day before. This is what happens this Saturday, when Almería has added 86 new infections, two more than on Friday, and the day on which the covid has returned to claim the lives of two new people from Almería, one of them residing in the San Antonio senior center de Vícar, bringing the total number of deaths from the disease to 115.

The Ministry of Health has made the updated data public until 09:30 this Saturday and Almería, despite those that add less, does not look calmly at the progress of the epidemiological curve, as it worsens compared to yesterday, since To the positive and deceased, we must add five new admissions in the hospitals of the province, which increases the hospital pressure on a patient compared to this Friday since there are 47 admitted, of which 11 are in the Care Unit Intensive.

Hospital pressure

By provinces, the hospital burden in Andalusia is as follows: Cádiz (138 hospitalizations, of which 26 in ICU), Córdoba (132 hospitalizations, of which 15 in ICU), Granada (123 hospitalizations, of which 8 in ICU) , Huelva (13 hospitalizations, of which 1 in the ICU), Jaén (74 hospitalizations, of which 9 in the ICU), Malaga (197 hospitalizations, of which 29 in the ICU) and Seville (329 hospitalizations, of which 41 in ICU).

Despite the increase in infections, which leaves a total of 7,545 patients with positive CRP and the 115 deaths that Almería already has, it is necessary to celebrate the number of recovered patients, who after a slight bad streak once again surpassed with you grow to the new infected, with 123 patients who have overcome the disease in the last 24 hours and a total of 4,299.

In the entire autonomous community of Andalusia this Saturday there have been 1,526 patients who have tested positive for the coronavirus and 18 have lost their lives, five of them in Seville; four in Granada; three both in Malaga and Cádiz, and one in Jaén, which are added to the two deaths in Almería.
Threshold for imposing a local lock down - an interesting article on La Voz de Almería
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New confinement in Almería: the towns that are at risk

Health bets on confining with a rate of 500 positives per 100,000 inhabitants

The Ministry of Health is clear: municipalities must be confined with a contagion rate in the last 14 days higher than 500 positives per 100,000 inhabitants. This was pointed out by Salvador Illa during his alert message to Madrid in which he recommended that the regional authorities close the city completely given the advance of the pandemic and has left a question in the air: How many towns in Almería could be confined again ?

If the latest data published by the Ministry of Health is taken into account, the 103 municipalities of Almeria are, for the moment, free to suffer the measures announced by Health, since none of them reaches the contagion rate announced by the authorities as a limit for confinement, although there are some who are on an upward path that may place them in a situation of risk that leads to a new confinement.

In this way, Cuevas del Almanzora, as stated by the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography, would for the moment be the Almeria municipality that presents a greater risk, because despite not reaching 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, it has a rate PCR positive in the last two weeks of 475,818, less than 25 points below the limit. This is the case after the municipality of Levante has seen a total of 161 infections appear in the last 14 days, although the drift of the last week leaves a certain decrease in the local epidemiological curve, since 67 infected have been added among its few more than 14,000 inhabitants.


The second place in this particular risk ranking is occupied by a municipality with just 580 inhabitants and only two positives such as Ohanes, whose contagion rate is already further from the limit than that of Cuevas, since it is 'only' 344,827 after adding one positive in the week from 14 to 20 and another from September 20 to 25, the last day on which Health has contributed local data to the Covid-19 report of the province.

The municipalities of Pulpí and Vícar are also found in Almería with over 300 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with 328 and 303, respectively, which means that over the last two weeks the town of Levante has added 33 positive among its 10,055 inhabitants and that of Poniente, for its part, has reported to Salud 79 among more than 26,000 residents.

Already further away from the limit "imposed" by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, are Terque and El Ejido. In the first case, the town of La Alpujarra has only one positive in the last two weeks among its scarce 377 inhabitants, but it has seen how 31 infections have been detected from the beginning, with special incidence in the El Manantial nursing home , medicalized after being the victim of an outbreak among its residents and workers.

For its part, the ejido municipality, despite being the second that has reported the most cases since March, presents a rate of just over 260 positives for every one hundred thousand inhabitants detected by PCR within 14 days, despite adding 220 infected among its 83,594 neighbors in the last two weeks.

Finally, up to 60 towns in the province can breathe easy since they have a rate of 0, which keeps them away from the restrictions, although, if the pandemic has shown something, it is that it changes at the speed of light. But, for the moment, Alhabia, Almócita, Alsodux, Beires, Bentarique, Íllar, Instinción, Padules, Rágol, Gádor, Rioja, Carboneras, Abrucena, Gérgal, Tres Villas (Las), Lubrín, Uleila del Campo, Castro de Filabres, Albanchez, Arboleas, Cantoria, Partaloa, Taberno, Fines, Líjar, Purchena, Sierro, Urrácal, Armuña de Almanzora, Lúcar, Bédar, Gallardos (Los), Mojácar, Alcolea, Fondón, Enix, Felix, Alboloduy, Alicún, Santa Cruz de Marchena, Santa Fe de Mondújar, Nacimiento, Olula de Castro, Benizalón, Lucainena de las Torres, Alcudia de Monteagud, Benitagla, Senés, Tahal, Turrillas, Velefique, Cóbdar, Chercos, Laroya, Somontín, Suflí, Bacares, Bayarque, Bayárcal and Paterna del Río.
See the table in the Spanish article for full details. The data for El Ejido is as follows:
Inhabitants Current 14 day average cases via PCR Rate of cases per 100,000 inhabitants
83594 220 263.2
Looking at the spreadsheet I keep of data published on Almería 360 the highest value for the 14 day average of cases via PCR is 436 cases. This was on 8 September 2020. Thank goodness that this number has dropped now. As on 8 September the rate of cases per 100,000 inhabitants was 521.6. If this rule had been applied at that time El Ejido would have been put under a local lock down.
Almería 360 tables and charts - updated to include a chart of the rate of 14 day averages of PCR cases per 100,000 inhabitants - from now on a value of 500 will mean a lock down in El Ejido - we dodged a bullet earlier this month
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