This is the rolling coronavirus story for Thursday 8 October 2020.



Stats for the last 24 hours - 105 more cases, no more deaths

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Almería again exceeds one hundred cases of coronavirus

New day without deaths from Covid-19

After several days in which Almería stood out for being a province with less than a hundred cases of coronavirus, again the official figures provided by the Ministry of Health and Families point towards a change in trend in the evolution of the pandemic in this territory.

Specifically, as reported this Thursday morning by the department headed by Jesús Aguirre, in the last hours 105 cases of coronavirus in the province of Almería have been notified to the Ministry of Health.

What is maintained in the three health districts of Almeria is the trend in the fatality rate of the disease, since one more day there are no fatalities to lament.

It remains to be known in a very short time on the morning of this Thursday the data referring to hospital pressure in Torrecárdenas, Poniente and La Inmaculada, as well as the number of patients cured in the last 24 hours.

On the evolution of the pandemic in the Andalusian community, the Europa Press agency informs on a teletype of the data already known by the Ministry of Health and Families on the IECA website (Statistics and Cartography).

Andalusia registers this Thursday, October 8 for the third consecutive day a new daily record of confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus by PCR and antigen tests during the second wave of the pandemic with 1,910, three more than this Wednesday, according to data from the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia (IECA) consulted by Europa Press, which recorded 20 deaths, 14 more than the day before.

It is the third record followed by positive cases confirmed in 24 hours after the 1,907 registered on Wednesday and the 1,788 registered on Tuesday, which exceeded the 1,617 registered on September 18.

The province of Seville once again leads the daily increase in infections confirmed by PCR and antigen tests, with 708, followed by Granada with 321 and Jaén with 226. Below 200 are Córdoba with 198, Malaga with 179, Cádiz with 118 and Almería with 105 and with figures less than a hundred, only Huelva is found with 55.

Granada, with seven deaths, is the province that concentrates the most deaths from Covid-19 this day in Andalusia, followed by Córdoba with five and Huelva with three. The province of Jaén counts two deaths and Cádiz, Malaga and Seville one each, while the province of Almería does not add deaths in 24 hours.

For their part, Andalusian hospitals once again reduce their care pressure with 1,028 patients admitted for Covid-19, 30 less in 24 hours and 15 less than a week ago, of which 139 are in an intensive care unit (ICU) , five less than the day before and 15 less than seven days ago.

The accumulated evolution of the data in the last seven days reflects 7,730 cases diagnosed by PCR, with 434 hospitalized, 24 admitted to the ICU and 87 deaths throughout Andalusia.
Latest 7 and 14 day stats from Almería 360
As usual, see the tables in the Spanish article.
Latest municipality tables and charts based on the Almería 360 data
Note: For the last 2 days Almería 360 has started to report the total number of cured rather than the number of deaths. Reversing a trend from the early part of September. So I have added a total number of active cases chart again. As the deaths totals have not changed in the last few days I have continued to add this data myself. I may soon decide to remove the total deaths chart. We will have to wait and see.