This is the rolling coronavirus story for Wednesday 14 October 2020.


 Stats for the last 48 hours (as they were missing yesterday) - 102 more cases and 3 more deaths

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X-ray of the last 48 hours: 102 positives and 3 deaths in Almería

The Board notifies 14 new hospital admissions and 114 recovered people

After not being able to publish the daily report on the influence of the coronavirus in Andalusia on Tuesday, due to "technical problems", the new data update from the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of the Junta de Andalucía leaves the following still photo of the province Almería: 102 positives, 3 new deaths, 14 people hospitalized (none in the ICU) and 114 cured in the last 48 hours.

According to these reports, Almería is the second province in which there have been fewer infected since Monday, only behind Huelva, which has registered 83 positives. Both territories with very low records compared to the rest of the community: Seville leads the infections reported after PCR and antigen testing with 982, followed by Granada with 584, Córdoba with 499, Malaga with 380, Jaén with 349 and Cádiz with 202 .

These 102 new positives have been reported from what is now called PDIA (Active Infection Diagnostic Tests), which include all cases of Covid-19 with active infection, confirmed by PCR technique or rapid antigen tests.

In the total of the community, the last 48 hours leave more cases of Covid-19 and 47 deaths. In this sense, 3 of these deaths have been located in the province of Almería: by age, a man in the range of 70 to 74 years, another between 90 and 94 years and a woman who was between 85 and 89 years.

The numbers of hospitalized patients also grow in the whole of the autonomous community, 221 more than on Monday, 13 of them in Intensive Care. In Almería, 14 of these hospital admissions have been reported, although none were in the ICU.

As for those cured, of the total of 578 people who have received epidemiological discharge in Andalusia, 114 belong to the province of Almería.

Thus, there are currently 2,349 active coronavirus cases in the Almeria geography: a total of 9,194 people have contracted the virus while 6,719 have already overcome it and 126 people have lost their lives since the start of the pandemic.

By localities

The 102 positives from the last two days (in reality, the sum yields the figure of 108 although the Board has subtracted 6 previously assigned by mistake to the category of "unspecified municipalities of Almería") are distributed as follows through of these 21 locations.

In the Almería Health District, 30 cases have been reported: 21 in the capital Almería, 4 in Níjar, 3 in Pechina and the other two in Fiñana and Huércal de Almería.

In the Levante-Alto Almanzora Health District, 40 positives were reported: 7 in Huércal-Overa, 7 in Cuevas del Almanzora, 6 in Vera and 5 in Vélez Rubio. In addition, there have been 4 in Albox, 3 in Pulpí and 2 in Arboleas, in Los Gallardos and in Vélez Blanco. The remaining two belong to Garrucha and Macael.

Two of the three known deaths this Wednesday have occurred in this area: one was a neighbor of Huércal-Overa and another of Vélez Rubio, which adds his first death due to the coronavirus.

Finally, the Poniente Health District adds 39 more cases in five municipalities: 18 in Roquetas de Mar, 10 in El Ejido (where the third death reported today has been registered), 4 in Vícar, 4 in Adra and 2 in Berja.

Almería 360 stats by municipality for the last 48 hours (playing catch up)

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