This is the rolling coronavirus story for Monday 26 October 2020.



Story from late last night about the state of alarm starting

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Almería, with a curfew and in a state of alarm

The restrictions set by the Government are already in force

At eleven o'clock this Sunday night, Almería is already in a curfew situation, which prohibits the free movement of people until six in the morning.

In principle, that curfew, motivated by the coronavirus pandemic. it affects Almería between 11 pm one day and 6 am the next day. It will be predictably this Tuesday when the Junta de Andalucía specifies the schedule in the eight provinces, given the powers conferred by the state of alarm, also in force since mid-afternoon of this Sunday, October 25.

In the absence of approval of the extension of the state of alarm approved today by the Council of Ministers, the restrictive measures will last until midnight on November 9.

At the level of administrations, measures have already been adopted that affect the development of institutional acts. Thus, in Adra, the delegate of the Government of Spain in Andalusia, Sandra García, together with the sub-delegate of the Government in the province, Manuel de la Fuente, presides this Monday the commissioning of the bridge in the Puente del Río neighborhood. On the N-340A road.

The Delegation of the Government in Andalusia has communicated late this Sunday the call off the act due to the limitations imposed by the new state of alarm.

The Government Delegation details that the opening of the bridge over the Adra River to traffic is maintained but without the possibility of summoning the media, although the press office of the Delegation will send a press release, photos and audio of the event.

At the moment, the call is open to the media from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Carmen Crespo, at the headquarters of the Junta de Andalucía in Almería, on the Paseo, from ten in the morning of this Monday.

Several mayors of this province are summoned to the act, among them the councilor of the capital, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco Monterreal.

There are other calls at the provincial headquarters of the PP and at the University of Almería, in La Cañada.


Article in English about what you can and cannot do in the state of alarm


Stats for the last 24 hours - 161 new cases and 1 more death

Google translation:

The week begins in Almería with 161 new infected and one more deceased

There is one more person hospitalized and 34 cured compared to yesterday

Almería faces the last week of October adding 161 infected in the last 24 hours and registering a new death. According to the latest update of data provided this Monday by the Institute of Statistics and Cartography, the deceased is a resident of Almería capital belonging to the age group of 90 to 94 years. In this way, the province is currently approaching 11,000 cases since the beginning of the pandemic (today there are 10,919) while the death toll stands at 139 processes.

Regarding hospitalizations, one more person has been admitted (although not in Intensive Care) while 34 people have received epidemiological discharge in this period after suffering Covid-19. Thus, the number of people from Almería who have overcome the disease stands at 7,756.

Although the Board notifies 161 new infections, determined through PDIA (Active Infection Diagnostic Tests, which include cases with active infection confirmed by PCR technique or rapid antigen test), in the global count 162 more cases have been compatible, possibly due to an adjustment to the figures provided in previous days.

Therefore, according to the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, on this October 26 there are again more than 3,000 active cases: specifically, 3,024; this is the difference between the total number of confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic -10,919 cases- and the sum of deaths (139) and recovered (7,756).

In Andalucia

Regarding the total of the community, Andalusia sees an increase of 2,649 positives for coronavirus in the last day, the highest number of daily infections on Monday in the second wave, being almost 1,000 more than the previous record, according to data consulted by Europa Press.

Again, Seville and Granada are the most contagious this day. That sia, the first with 679 is somewhat more distant from other days of the second, which totals 460. They are followed by Jaén with 407, Córdoba with 398, Malaga with 237, Huelva with 190, Almería with 161 and Cádiz with 117.

Of the 13 deaths in Andalusia, four have been recorded in Córdoba, four in Seville, two in Huelva, while Almería, Cádiz and Málaga have added one each.

On the other hand, Andalusian hospitals see their healthcare pressure reduced in the last 24 hours with 1,876 patients admitted for coronavirus, 94 less than yesterday although 478 more than a week ago.

The number of those admitted to Intensive Care (ICU) has also risen to 268, 19 more than this Sunday and 80 more than seven days ago.


The 7 and 14 day data for municipalities in the province provided by Almería 360

As usual, see the tables in the Spanish story.


Cumulative stats based on information from the Almería 360 site - starting to look a bit worrying