This is the rolling coronavirus story for Friday 30 October 2020.


It will all end in tiers

I am starting today with a bigger version of the charts from yesterday. Click on the image to see a bigger version of it. (You can see them this size every day by clicking on the image in the Monday-Friday charts and data I publish each week day. This allows you to see the full size image.)

The chart on the bottom right shows the 14 day cases values for the province of Almería, the Poniente health region and the El Ejido area (that includes Almerimar).

I am off to play golf soon. So I do not have time to do much research. However I believe that the Poniente health area will be classified at tier 2 of coronavirus measure. Starting from midnight tonight. Assuming that there is no massive increase in cases in the stats to be published today.

I need to do some work on the chart to add lines to show the threshold lines for each of the 4 tiers. I will do that when I get a chance.

What is interesting is that I think that if the tiers were based on the figures for the province as a whole we would be in tier 4. If it was based on the El Ejido area then I think we would be in tier 3. However I think we will be classified as tier 2 based on the stats for the Poniente health area.

I will look in to this in more detail soon. I will then publish the correct information, rather than what I think is going on.

Got to get ready for some golf now.



Stats for the last 24 hours - 229 more cases, 3 more deaths

Google translation:

Black day in Almería: 3 deaths and 229 more Covid-19 infections

Andalusia adds a total of 5,104 infections

Three more deaths with coronavirus and a total of 229 new infections: that is the balance left by the coronavirus in the last 24 hours in the province of Almería in the midst of a health crisis.

In addition, the province of Almería adds 7 people hospitalized, which places the number of people admitted to the hospitals of the province in a total of 70, being 12 of them in the ICUs of the Almeria hospitals.

On the positive side of the data offered by the Junta de Andalucía, the report of this Friday, October 30, includes a total of 128 recovered people.

In total, Andalusia adds this Friday, October 30, 5,104 cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR tests and antigen tests, the second consecutive day above 5,000 cases after 5,202 positives were registered on Thursday, according to data consulted by Europa Press in the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography (IECA), which recorded 39 deaths in 24 hours, eight more than the day before.

These 5,104 cases represent the second highest number of infections in the second wave, only surpassed by 5,202 on Thursday, since so far the highest daily numbers of positives had not exceeded 4,000 cases, with 3,503 on Friday 23; 3,442 on Tuesday the 21st; 3,378 on Saturday 24 and 3,149 on Sunday 25.

This figure with more than 5,000 infections for the second consecutive day is reached precisely after the Board has activated the perimeter closure of the community and the confinement of 450 municipalities from 00.00 this Friday.

The province of Seville has registered a new daily record of infections, with 1,496 positives, becoming the Andalusian province that has added more cases in 24 hours in the second wave of Covid-19.


Latest 7 and 14 day stats from Almería 360

See the tables in the Spanish article.


Cumulative stats based on the Almería 360 data