This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 1 November 2020.


Stats for the last 24 hours - 220 more cases and 1 more death

Google translation:

The coronavirus continues unstoppable and leaves 220 positives and one death in 24 hours

The number of admitted patients is increasing again and there are already 85, 14 of them in serious condition in the ICU

Without a rest. This is how the increase in the epidemiological curve in the province of Almería continues this Sunday, which today has once again exceeded the 200 positives detected in 24 hours by adding 220, which already leaves 11,856 positives detected by PDI tests, that is, the tests PCR and antigens.

The high numbers of infected people that have been detected in the province during the last two weeks continue another day on the rise and arrive accompanied by a new deceased since 09.30 hours this Saturday, the patient with covid 157 who has died in Almería since it began the pandemic

As happened the day before, the number of patients who have required hospitalization in the last 24 hours also increases and there are two more, which leaves the total admissions currently at 85, of which 14 are in serious condition admitted to a Unit Intensive Care.

Despite the continuous increases in hospitalized patients, Almería remains the Andalusian province with the lowest hospital pressure if the still photo of Andalusian hospitals is taken into account: Cádiz (234 hospitalizations, of which 37 in ICU), Córdoba (267 hospitalizations, of which 29 in ICU), Granada (642 hospitalizations, of which 92 in ICU), Huelva (113 hospitalizations, of which 10 in ICU), Jaén (288 hospitalizations, of which 39 in ICU), Malaga (248 hospitalizations, of which 40 in ICU) and Seville (734 hospitalizations, of which 98 in ICU).

Finally, regarding the daily update of data from the Andalusian Regional Government's Ministry of Health and Families reported this Sunday, it is also worth highlighting a new, albeit slight, increase in the number of recovered patients, which has been 17 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 8,344 since March.

Regarding the outbreak declared this Saturday in the municipality of Vélez-Rubio, which affected 12 people in the workplace, it has not undergone changes according to the information provided by Health, since it is not included in the daily report and is would keep with the same dozen cases as the day before.