This is the rolling coronavirus story for Thursday 12 November 2020


Stats for the last 24 hours - 303 more cases and 2 more deaths

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Hard hit of the coronavirus: Almería makes the leap to 300 infections

Almería adds two new deaths this black Thursday

Hard hit of the coronavirus. Almería makes the leap to 300 infections and surpasses the provincial record in this pandemic. So far, this was in the 299 positives determined by PDIA (Active Infection Diagnostic Tests) registered on October 29 and this Thursday exceeds this figure, reaching 303 new cases confirmed by PCR and antigen tests. In a day, in addition, in which he also has to mourn two new deaths.

Despite these harsh figures, Almería this day is placed in the last position with respect to the provincial data of Andalusia, in which 4,737 positives have been reported (1,357 more than those recorded the day before).

Seville ranks on this day as the province with the most daily cases with 1,320 -almost double that of Wednesday-, followed by Granada with 920, Cádiz with 487, Córdoba with 478, Malaga with 440, Jaén with 415, Huelva with 374 and Almería with 303.

Andalusia adds 68 deaths from Covid-19 coronavirus in 24 hours this Thursday, November 12, six more than the day before and the third highest figure in the entire pandemic, according to data from the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography (IECA).

Two of them have taken place in the province, in which 171 people infected with coronavirus have lost their lives since the start of the pandemic.

The province of Granada concentrates the majority of the Board's deaths, with 27, followed by Cádiz with twelve and Seville with eleven. Below the ten are the rest of the provinces, Córdoba with seven; Jaén with four; Malaga with three; and Almería and Huelva with two.

The daily report prepared by the Andalusian Regional Government Health Council will give more information on the situation of the Almeria hospitals and will update the data related to the people who have already overcome the disease and the outbreaks registered so far in the province .


Police patrolling El Ejido boundaries

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The Local Police establish devices to control the entrances and exits of El Ejido

The agents have established checkpoints at the entrances and exits of El Ejido and in the Almerimar roundabout to prevent prohibited journeys from taking place and to try in this way to stop new infections.

The Local Police of El Ejido is intensifying mobility controls in the municipality in compliance with the new measures established by the Junta de Andalucía against COVID-19 from 00.00 hours last Tuesday 10 and valid until November 23 in the entire Autonomous Community.

The agents have established checkpoints at the entrances and exits of El Ejido and in the Almerimar roundabout to prevent prohibited journeys from taking place and to try in this way to stop new infections.

The exceptions to mobility between municipalities are:

• Assistance to health services and establishments
• Labor, educational or legal obligations
• Return to habitual residence
• Care of the elderly, minors or people with disabilities
• Collection of gardens and care for domestic animals
• Purchase of non-existent food in the municipality itself
• Assistance to veterinary care centers for emergency reasons
• Displacements of athletes of absolute category, high level or high performance
• Causes of force majeure or situation of need

In addition to these mobility control devices, the agents visit the main shopping streets of El Ejido and the centers every day to check that the establishments that are not classified as essential close at 6:00 p.m. and that the curfew is observed at 10:00 pm, except for the exceptions in each case.

In the same way, they are in charge of checking the capacity according to the level and degree of incidence of the virus, being Level-3 in El Ejido and the entire Poniente Sanitary District; the mandatory use of the mask; compliance with the quarantine of positives or close contacts with positives, in coordination with the Poniente Health District and the Health area; and that the meetings in the public and private sphere should not be more than six people.

It is recalled that failure to comply with the measures carries financial penalties, in addition to the health risk.


Cumulative stats based on data from Almería 360


 From 23 November 2020 people from UK and around 60 other countries will need proof of a negative PCR test in the last 72 hour to enter Spain via air or sea?