This is the rolling coronavirus story for Monday 16 November 2020


Stats for the last 24 hours - 188 new cases and 1 more death

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Weekend effect: Almería drops to 188 infections

The province adds a new death in the last 24 hours

Almería has ended its worst week of the pandemic: almost 1,800 infections and 14 deaths. The coronavirus is advancing strongly in the province, in which 46 municipalities are already "at extreme risk" by exceeding 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days.

Despite these harsh figures, the Provincial Health Delegation trusts that there will be a drop in coronavirus cases throughout the week. The truth is that this Monday day, due to the influence of the so-called effect of the weekend, Almería registers 188 new positives, 40 less than this Sunday, but again it has to mourn a death.

The province is placed at the beginning of the week in the third Andalusian territory with the least cases.

Andalusia posted 2,127 positives this Monday, 1,466 less than those posted the day before. Seville repeats for the fifth consecutive day as the province with the most daily positives with 450, followed by Cádiz with 400, Granada with 357, Jaén with 315, Malaga with 191, Almería with 188, Córdoba with 140 and Huelva with 86.


The Andalusian community adds 22 deaths from Covid-19 this Monday, 13 less than the day before and the lowest figure since last November 8, according to data from the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography (IECA). One of them has occurred in Almería, where 181 people infected with coronavirus have lost their lives since the start of the pandemic.

Córdoba is the province with the highest number of deaths, with seven, followed by Granada, Seville and Jaén, with four each. Below are Huelva with two deaths and Almería with one, while Malaga and Cádiz do not add deaths in 24 hours.

We will have to wait for the daily report of the Ministry of Health to find out the situation of the Almeria hospitals and if there are new recovered patients.

Of what there is official confirmation, it is already the appearance of new cases of Covid in the residences of El Zapillo, in the capital Almería, and of Macael, in the Almanzora region.


Cumulative stats from Almería 360 (missing death stats in the data published today for some reason)