This is the rolling coronavirus story for Saturday 28 November 2020


Stats for the last 24 hours -  168 more cases and 2 more deaths

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Almería already exceeds 18,000 positives and adds another two deaths in 24 hours

Hospital pressure drops, but the same patients in serious condition remain in ICU

Another weekend, the pandemic has left this Saturday in the province of Almería a considerable decrease in the number of positives detected in 24 hours, with 168 compared to 180 the day before, which does not prevent the 18,000 positives from being exceeded today. detected among people from Almeria since March through PDI tests (antigen test and PCR) and rapid tests.

As the daily part of the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía collects, Almería also has to mourn two more deaths from covid-19, which represent half of those registered the day before, when four people from Almeria died, But they bring to 212 the number of residents of the province whose lives have been taken by the pandemic since the first was claimed in March.

The data also improve in the hospitals of the province if the number of hospitalized is taken into account, which was 135 yesterday and this Saturday has been reduced to the current 130, despite the fact that four covid patients have needed to be admitted to a hospital on the last day. Of the 139 hospitalized, the ICU beds did not show any variation and 47 continue with the same as on Friday.

For its part, throughout Andalusia, where today the positives in 24 hours have fallen below 2,000 and there have been 74 deaths, the pressure in hospitals remains similar to the day before: Cádiz (327 hospitalizations, of which 55 in ICU), Córdoba (212 hospitalizations, of which 43 in ICU), Granada (541 hospitalizations, of which 110 in ICU), Huelva (124 hospitalizations, of which 17 in ICU), Jaén (238 hospitalizations, of which than 45 in ICU), Malaga (322 hospitalizations, of which 43 in ICU) and Seville (371 hospitalizations, of which 106 in ICU).

Finally, in the province of Almería today, the recovery of 116 covid patients who have managed to defeat the disease and swell the list of cured, which currently has 12,359 Almería under their belt, almost 119,000 when it comes to Andalusia.