This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 7 February 2021


Stats for the last 24 hours - 435 more cases and 6 more deaths

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Almería already exceeds 500 deaths from covid, but the positives drop to 435

Sunday leaves fewer hospitalized in the ward but one more patient in the ICU

Almería reaches a dramatic figure this Sunday, since more than 500 people from Almería, 503 in particular, have already died from coronavirus in the 11 months of the pandemic after, in the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía has notified the death of six other residents of the province affected by the coronavirus.

Half a thousand dead, half a thousand families destroyed that today have been exceeded in the daily report of the health authorities, which is another blow for a month of February that, as the Almeria Health delegate, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, assured, it is being the worst of the pandemic. And this Sunday he has been in charge of corroborating it once again. Thus, in the last 24 hours, up to 435 people from Almeria, compared to 601 the day before, have tested positive for covid in a PDIA test (antigen test and PCR), which brings the total number of residents of the province to 40,392 that have been infected.

Less hospitalized

The situation in the hospitals, meanwhile, ends the first week better than it started, because today there has been a decrease in the number of admitted to the three hospitals in the province, Torrecárdenas, Poniente and La Inmaculada, where at the moment 414 covid patients are hospitalized, of which 93 are in serious condition in Intensive Care, compared to 432 and 92, respectively, that were this Saturday, which leaves a new step to ICU of a patient whose condition health has worsened due to covid.

Encouraging news also arrives in the number of patients who have received epidemiological discharge, since since 07:00 hours on Saturday there have been 152 patients who have overcome the disease, although they are almost 300 less than the day before, which leaves in 24,615 the total number of recovered. Thus, the number of active cases at the moment is above 15,000.


As for the autonomous community, Andalusia today has added another 3,685 new infections and 28 deaths, which contrast with the 102 registered yesterday, Saturday. Regarding the pressure in Andalusian hospitals, the situation is as follows: Cádiz (811 hospitalizations, of which 120 in ICU), Córdoba (390 hospitalizations, of which 75 in ICU), Granada (600 hospitalizations, of which 117 in ICU), Huelva (277 hospitalizations, of which 34 in ICU), Jaén (297 hospitalizations, of which 48 in ICU), Malaga (871 hospitalizations, of which 127 in ICU) and Seville (699 hospitalizations, of which 121 in ICU)