This is the rolling coronavirus story for Thursday 11 February 2021


Cumulative week day stats from the Almería 360 site - El Ejido now has 631.6 cases (approximately 16 fewer than yesterday) per 100,000 inhabitants based on the 14 day average (red for increase; blue for decrease)



Stats for the last 24 hours - 379 more cases and 5 more deaths

Google translation:

Infections rise and approach 400 in a day with five deaths

642 people have been cured in the last hours

After the respite in recent days, infections in the province are on the rise again. These are close to 400 in a day in which there are five new deaths to mourn. In this way, it breaks with the downward trend of recent days.

According to updated data from the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography (IECA), Almería registers a total of 379 positives in this last day, compared to 242 this Wednesday. This represents a remarkable rise in the cases detected through Active Infection Diagnostic Tests, such as PCR and antigen tests.

In Andalusia, a day after the approved changes to the restrictions were announced by the Advisory Council for High Impact Public Health Alerts (or committee of experts), infections have also increased: 3,506 compared to 2,971 on Wednesday ( the highest number so far this week).

Seville is again the province that adds the most confirmed cases on this day with 863, followed by Cádiz with 743, Malaga with 619, Almería with 379, Granada with 346, Córdoba with 206, Huelva with 176 and Jaén with 174.

Almería adds five of the 104 deaths registered by Andalusia in the last 24 hours and there are already 543 people with Covid who have lost their lives in the province since the start of the pandemic.

Malaga is again the province that adds more deaths this day with 25, followed by Seville with 23, Cádiz with 20, Córdoba with eleven, Granada with ten, Jaén with nine, Almería with five and Huelva with one.

The situation in Almeria hospitals does not improve: 34 more admissions and 4 in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) this day.

A total of 642 people have been cured of the disease, according to the update of the ACEI, and there are already 27,147 patients recovered.

Some data that comes in a day in which some thirty municipalities of Almeria, including the capital, are more aware than ever of the cumulative incidence rate of coronavirus cases in the last 14 days in order to abandon the closure of non-essential activity in shops, bars and restaurants. This Thursday, the Regional Committee for High Impact Public Health Alerts will meet again in Almería.